Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Thoughts Organizer

What a lovely morning it was . I had completed my morning chores and as I unlocked the chicken house to allow the "girls " to go free to scratch in the leaves and the unbelievable black dirt that is in the pasture  I had one of those good guy on one shoulder and the bad guy on the other shoulder experiences.

There had been a light drizzle of rain going on all morning and the dark clouds were creeping even closer-so - the good one told me I should just shoot right up that hill for my morning exercise BUT that bad guy on the other shoulder told me that it was much too drizzly and dark looking . As I raised my head to look- Miss Honey Bear had already made the decision for me as she had already started up the hill. That was all the motivation that I needed so I padded off after her in the damp leaves that have cascaded down on the green carpet of grass.

I know my body needs the exercise -But- my lazy human-ness just does not want to co-operate most of the time.I realize that one of my  main motivations is from where I visited a local nursing home with a friend - and it SCARED me to death- so I always tell my lazy self - do you want to end up there?????????????????????????  No - is a quiet simple answer which my body just tries to slide by on me.  Then the health guy asks me IF I want some of the diseases like arthritis - or out of control diabetics (I do control mine with diet and exercise) The one part that my body wants to avoid. Or even weight gain -(after I just worked so hard all summer long to lose 8 pounds-do I really want to gain all of that back and throw all of that hard work right out the window) NO.

By the time I have started this argument with myself as I start following Honey Bear - I realize that I am halfway up the hill! LOL  See what procrastination can do to your -and for you! LOL  So, needless to say Miss Honey Bear deserves a gold star for tricking me into doing what I need to do. : )

I made it back to the house and DH and I had breakfast. My still SORE gums appreciate some kind of food that is SOFT! It has been a week today and I had expected the pain to be gone and me to be all mended. Guess I was wrong. I even think I feel one small spot where a bone may be working out. I was hoping that would not happen ! Plus that middle front is so painful -I think because my bottom teeth keep hitting that area when I forget that I am  "toothless" and attempt to pull a normal action like chewing something. : (
My whole life time I thought I would enjoy growing older- you know- by then you would have learned a little about yourself -like figured out what you really do like and be able to enjoy that. I just did not realize there were OTHER things that would be included in the "bundled package"! LOL

But thank goodness after a few stray paths I finally got to my second car storage bag-or what ever you call them ? I have not even decided that - the first for baby necessities and this second one for either that purpose -OR - for having storage on the back of your car seat for items that you might need -but do not want them throwed in the floorboad -or even not have them and wish you did -but now you would be able to and have no regrets. LOL  I have finished the first two pockets and have one more pocket to go.

I wanted something that I hoped would bring a smile to the face of whomever it went to -be it a Mom or just anybody that had "needs".  For some reason my Machines just do not love working with this vinyl ???? I have decided IF I do more of these like I am hoping for - that I will drag out my "other" machine that got "retired" when I finally was able to buy a Janome with a "NEEDLE - THREADER" on it - since the "Mature" eyes just could not see to thread that tiny needle as easily as it once was! (They Must be making needles much smaller these days)????? : )

So I have made it this far with Many interruptions all afternoon and I wish I had finished it -but my "zing" has run out on me and my eye-balls are trying to slip closed on me- Drats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow is DH's doctor appointment and I am dreading it. It seems like as long as we don't have to go see a doctor that this  "Cancer-stuff" does not exist and our life is just normal. But , when you see the man in the white jacket and all of his helpers - it strikes the fear of the unknown in my heart.

I love all of you guys and hope that you have had a beautiful day ! I send much love to all !

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  1. I hope the doctor's appointment goes well. Maybe while you are there you can ask a doc to check out your mouth and make sure it's healing alright?
    Good on you for walking up the hill too.