Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isn't that the way it is?

You finally get your "mojo' working and you do not get to continue on.  This morning we had to wait on the Dish tv service man. I hate to wait on anybody because I just get so nervous for some strange reason. DH fixed me a scrambled egg with some cheese on it and it was really good. I got some work finished and hung out a load of sheets while we were waiting. The wind was so strong it almost blew me away as I  hung onto the sheet. LOL

The service man called us to tell us he was on the way and I paced the floor until he showed up. Once he got here he had it fixed in 20 minutes and he was gone.He was the first person to install Dish for us and I remembered him because you can hardly get him to talk at all - but on the flip side he does excellent work.It turned out to be a defective cable and now we have a nice clear picture.

After he left we ate -or DH ate and I sipped our lunch and DH went deer hunting and I headed to the sewing room. It was a great feeling to have this mood come over me and I could see what I hoped to accomplish. This will be one pocket for the baby car organizer that I have HOPES for.

But then it started to get dark and I had to go lock the chickens up and take my walk up the hill.

Wonder what Little Bear already knows? LOL Well, up the hill we go. : )

I enjoy the view so much and that one tree in the center is so lovely. The closer you get to it - the more your head looks up and up and UP!  Definitely in the right direction . : )

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  1. I hate waiting on service people too... but only cos it stops me doing other stuff!