Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Car organizer

The days are just so confusing and because they pass like  rockets - I get lost. Today was a beautiful day- we had finished our oatmeal when  human bodies started appearing. I had just got to the "critter-house" when our young granddaughter and her husband arrived. They went in and visited with DH and then they all came outdoors as I was heading indoors - like ships passing in the night. LOL

They went to work on the deer and I made a path through the house and then took a shower and made it to the sewing room as more started to show up. My dear cousin brought me a bag of dog food that his dog did not like and then a bunch of the other grandchildren arrived and also the Father of the granddaughter's husband arrived with a load of wood -where a tree had fallen over at our youngest son's house. They worked for a good 3 hours.

So, I had a wonderful excuse to stay out of everybody's way ! Yea! I completed the embroidery on the pockets  and debated which way would be best to sew them all together. As I was studying -all the young people started disappearing as fast as they had appeared and we were alone once more. I was trying to figure out what to feed DH and also something that I could sip-yea-no fun.

DH decided on nabs and weenies and I ran a small piece of broccoli through the blender and covered it with a dressing that would allow me to get it slick and then slid down the ole gullet. : )
As we finished our neighbor called and asked if we would run down to their house. These are the best neighbors in the whole world and Tony had got hurt on his job where he works installing tires. A co-worker had turned on the air compressor and somehow picked up two small pieces of steel and hammered them right into Tony's left eye.

They said blood started pouring from his eye and they took him straight to the hospital and they transferred him to a bigger hospital about 40 miles away where a surgeon was waiting on him. They told him that the steel was traveling about 200 miles per hour and that it was a miracle that they did not go through his brain! They did a three hour surgery and they are not for sure IF he will lose his sight or not. It was horrible.

Way too much excitement - I told DH I thought we must be living in a "rough part of the world " and everybody seemed to be hurt somehow. For a minute he agreed. While we were there DH remembered to ask Patty about how long her brother had lived after he received chemo and she told him about 3 months. I hated to hear that part because I do not want him to get discouraged. He already questions everybody he can think of to get their experience and the results. There are times I just want to disappear off the face of the earth and not have this lesson to live through. I just plain DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! Go AWAY BAD CANCER _ GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between the worry and the coming and goings of people and the pain of these gums healing -I sat down in the chair for a minute of quiet and I had fallen in sleep-dead in my tracks. The phone woke me up ringing just as DH came in from putting his hunting room back in order.

A break  helped and enabled me to get back on this vinyl project of the baby car organizer . I had cut out the three pockets and embroidered something I thought was cute on each pocket and trimmed the top of each pocket in dark blue -hoping it will not show dirt. Of course the very first thing I did was sew the top pocket on crooked! : ((((( Ding-dang IT?!   I have learned when I am attempting the first of things that I know absolutely nothing about - I want to make the first one to make for sure that who I am making it for - will be sure to get it ! You know - so life cannot drown your efforts and make it impossible. That is the good part - you have your gift completed.

The BAD part is : I learn to make ALL the MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!on that project -where as IF I can make multiple projects - I usually "iron my mistakes out" and get better as I go along? So each one is a win-win - or a lose-lose process. : )

After that first top pocket being crooked - I did manage to get the other two decently straight.  I learned that my Janome sewing machine does not like many layers of heavy vinyl to sew through and it got really good at breaking threads as it complained -something that it had not done before! And even broke one needle too!

I did go out and measure my headrest in my vehicle and made my top strap that you hang it with longer than I had those trash only containers. I am really proud that I completed this project and have one more Christmas present to add to my tote of presents. I am kinda hoping that maybe I can pick up a few supplies to put in the pockets to add to the gift and also to demonstrate what the project is made for.I made the bottom two pockets fairly large for things like extra diapers for that emergency disaster - and some little toys that help the little ones pass the time in the car traveling.  Hum????  As the baby grows - he or she might be able to reach to the back of the front seat and pick out a toy or have a extra slippy for drinks.

Love to all and enjoy this beautiful new week!

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