Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Emmett's Birthday-Big # 1

This is our youngest Grandson right now and he just turned the big ONE!

This is the birthday cake that Dana - the Aunt on Meagan's family side made for him. It is a treasure chest . She had been working on a "CARS" theme , but since Meagan could not find what they wanted for the party -they changed it telling Dana at a later time. So, she had to scrap the cars and turn to Pirates theme -so that is where the Treasure Chest .I had to ask her what it was that she made the spilled Gold and she said it was vanilla wafers crumbled up. !

This is a tiny strawberry cake that Dana made just for Baby Emmett to have to do what he wanted with it. I  was so amazed with it that I told them to freeze it and keep it forever for him. Yea, I hear you. : )

This is Meagan's Mom following Baby Emmett around - he is looking at the big glass door to see what family members are doing outside.

Mom & Dad and Grandpaw - helping him enjoy the treasures of the spoils- I hope that is the right spelling .

And finally he had his very own cake. The fondant was too hard for him to break into it , so Grandpaw cut a part of the side open where he could taste it. You would have thought that First taste was poison - from the look he made

Well, he actually made it through the party and then he fell asleep in his Dad's arms after his Mom had done a clean up job on him. Hard to believe that year went by So fast - but it did  - I guess "time stands still for no man" is SO true! : )


  1. Happy Birthday Emmentt. Looks like you had a fun day.

    Yes where has the year gone my little GGD turned one last Friday too.

  2. Very best wishes for little Emmett, what a gorgeous boy he is and it looks like lots of fun at his party.

  3. Awww he has grown so fast, and he's real cute! LOVE his little cake.