Monday, November 28, 2011

Camo hooded jacket

I had a very nice day. I am so in love with this beautiful weather! But according to the weatherman - it is about to change! I DON"T LIKE CHANGE!  :) When I was young I always loved the challenge of changes -but I have learned that I discovered my rut and I love it. : )

I kinda accidentally found this piece of fleece when I was looking for something else. Of course I made the mistake of reaching out to touch it and discovered its SOFT texture and it is also a heavier weight than what my little jacket is made out of .

Our youngest son has always loved camo colors so it is a personal challenge to me to try to find a new color or combination of colors to bestow on him each Christmas.. He lives in constant back pain now - so any little thing I can find to put a small smile on his face is a real joy to me.

This jacket and I have a "relationship" of trying to understand each other. It started out when I looked for the proper size zipper and found that I had one in green and I thought green would work ok -with the browns.So, I used green thread also - until it came time to sew the zipper in and discovered that I had looked at the size wrong and I now had a bright yellow zipper instead????? NOT a bright idea for a young man's camo jacket in my book.

As I sat pondering my dilemma, my eyes happened to rest upon the first little lightweight fleece jacket that I had made under Lynne's tutorship. I have had it for 6 years now and I still love it to death.It is not good for COLD weather , but I keep hoping I will figure out a way to make a fleece jacket that is able to do that. Plus, I adore it because I am its co-creator. I was the creator behind the drunk needle!LOL

 As my eyes wandered over my treasure I noticed that it had a Brown zipper in it! This was because the first time I got stuck in my jacket -Lynne had to cut me out of it- and thus when I got the money to purchase a new zipper - the only one I could find in my area was a Brown zipper at that time..

Hummmm?????My eyes went from one to the other and back Several times. It was no trouble to cut the zipper out and I did apologize to my green jacket . I did manage to sew the brown zipper in the brown jacket. But when it come to putting the Yellow zipper in the green jacket - I guess it was mad at me because I ended up sewing the zipper in-but when it came to the bottom where you hook the two parts together ----- I had curled them under the jacket and thus I could not hook them together at all. Yep- that jacket was pretty mad at me. : (   It took me a few tries- but I finally did get my head screwed on right and managed to get BOTH jackets with each one a zipper  and now I am happy! Another Christmas present completed! Yea! : )

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