Sunday, November 6, 2011

Head or Tails of it?????????????

Thanks to spending time with a friend yesterday - she gave me a wild idea?????? But, you know how ideas are? I had told her that I had made those trash containers for my sister-in-laws car and wanted her opinion of them.

She studied them for a while and then said that instead of just trash containers - why not turn them into baby essentials for in the car. She has two young daughters who both have youngsters and she thought it would be great to put pockets for carrying diapers and wipes and "Toys" and even snacks and then a trash pocket at the bottom????? I got a little start as I played with the pieces - only to discover that I did not have enough supplies-poo!  Since I have been Hoping to find a way to support myself - yet stay at home -for a moment I held my breath to see what my wee brain might thing of this idea?????

I decided that I would work on a few of these projects and if they were not sold by Christmas - then I would have some gifts for my grandchildren who all have babies. It is hard not to get your hopes up-but that is life. I have studied how others have 'found their calling" - doing things that they love at home. One young lady developed a whole career by selling "Tooth fairy" pillows- another by selling those fabric ornaments like I made last year.

I wonder what the secret is that some succeed and others not? Do you think it is just luck -or - talent - or- advertising????? This life is just so full of mysteries and it gives you things to ponder???

A new week is upon us and I hope that each of you has had a wonderful day and a beautiful new week heading right at you!  : )

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