Tuesday, November 22, 2011

K- BEAR car caddy

Seems like I am having another one of those days when no matter what you lay your hand to - it just will not  co-operate with me.

I did get my morning chores accomplished and came in and ran a piece of cauliflower through the blender and fixed a baked potato to go with it, but as I tried to eat the cauliflower the blender had left big chunks that my toothless gums could not do anything with.

Then I made it to the sewing room because the guys were all out hunting-Yea.
I knew I would want to take a picture of this project I was working on but my memory card was totally full from the birthday party. I was afraid to delete them until I had them saved multiple times -but I could not get the flash-drive to pull up on my sewing computer so I hopped all over the place trying to find one that would . I finally found one that would -But- when it downloaded them - they looked like spotty clouds! GR. Not what I wanted  so I tried another and it said I did not have a software to open them. I was beginning to feel like I was beating my head against the wall. So, finally I just gave up and settled for the two different places that I believe worked for me. After losing pictures and embroidery designs and sewing patterns to dumb computers - I am just not very trust-worthy with them. I had bought these two new flash-drives and both of them have all kind of junk on them that is beyond my understanding while I am in "Christmas mode" with no brain cells to spare! : )

I made this car caddy with the three different pockets because I had stuck a cylindrical container of "wipes" in the top pocket to test it and it just fell over and laid down -so that was why I divided that pocket in half-to make it behave itself!  Like anything else has tried to behave itself today! LOL 

It is nice here today , but has been so dark and dreary . But, I am grateful to finally get something accomplished! YEA!

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