Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess What This Is??????????

Well, let me tell you - a ruined day, a broken heart , a financial disaster-but no learned lesson , because I could not figure out how we could have prevented it to start with? That was why I could not post last night - I was just TOO discouraged. It seems like everything just leads to many other things that make you feel like you are buried with stuff ?

We were out in the country -away from big traffic - a place that I normally enjoy going- to a little Mennonite store that carries so many nice things. All of a sudden it sounded like an explosion - I know it scared DH and I both to death because we looked quickly at each other. The sound was so loud that it gave me a bag headache and made me start that dumb trembling again.

My eyes had darted all over the car and then with a deep sign I said -O No!  Our window was broken - isn't this the strangest looking break that you have ever seen?  The passenger side has a very small break and our insurance company had paid for a company to come out and put that glue in the small one and then they add heat and kinda cook it in so that the break does not shatter .

Then a tractor trailer had hit us with another rock one day - but this time it really broke my heart. See why I am always whining about money???? It just never ends!

Or two days ago I received a check from the county we live in saying I had over paid my taxes and it was a refund???? Now , this was fishie to me because the main girl always adds what I pay each month and it just keeps on going . So, here was this check and I knew something was not right-so I decided I would keep it and then just mail it in the first of the year to start the process all over again. Ha! Then yesterday I get a bill in the mail saying  that I now owe 249.00 by the 5th of December/?????  See how confused I stay!

But today I rounded the curve and got back on track - all because I got to spend the day with a girlfriend. We had a grand ole time-we went to two craft fairs and they were great. All that creativity that you can feel floating around all those creative folks -it was wonderful.  I ended up buying two small baggies of dried apples - one was plain Yellow Delicious and the second one was Yellow Delicious with cinnamon -so we had a really nice natural treat to fuel our lively conversations. : )

SOOOO many pretty things -if only I had money-but at least we got to look. I would say that it did not cost us to look -the one school fair it did not cost to look  - but the second one at a fair grounds cost us entry fee -so it did cost to look there. Good thing it was cheap. LOL

I will always say that having the gift of friendship is one of the greatest treasures we can have. I  hope each of you have had as wonderful day as I have had too!
love to all


  1. Pleased you worked out all those dam bills again Linda.
    Oh it does give you a big fright whena stone hits the windscreen.
    Spending time with family and friends is the best medicine. Sew pleased you had a lovely time.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Well what a time you've had!!! Hope everything settles down for you. Friendship certainly is the best thing one can have. Take care. Regards, Anita.