Tuesday, November 8, 2011

obstacles Everywhere Today

The camo fleece
I kept hoping that I would find a way to get to Fancy Gap Pottery today because that is where I get the webbing for some of my projects. It was not looking very positive because our first trip for me was to the doctor and that lasted from 1:30 to 3. I did not think it would EVER end and when I saw the time I was not very hopeful-But- DH said that we could still make it- so off we went.

The Lining and the webbing
It was a good hour drive and when I thought I could see some light at the end of the tunnel we ran into the stopped traffic at road work. It was horrible. But, fate must have been smiling because after about 10 minutes we were moving once again.

There are two buildings at the Pottery -so I headed to the building with the webbing I needed . I hurried to the back of the building and hopped from one foot to the other deciding which width to use. I knew time was slipping by and there was very little time due to the store closing. I chugged it in gear and took off to the cash register  to pay.

Wrong - there were two really nice ladies with baskets full ribbons and treasures -which ended up being 256.00. They were so nice and I hopped around in my mind -trying to hang onto my manners and respect - but also wanting to panic as the minutes ticked by. Then they needed to chat because they needed directions  and you know ho that is. Just as I was about to leave the webbing - they started to load up -so I got to pay and head over to the other building for the fabrics. I darted all over the store - I did find some lining that I can use on those car trash containers and I fell in love with this piece of camo fleece. .I knew it would be perfect for my youngest son as it was a different one from any that I have made him. I did the "dance" trying to decide the money problem versus the perfect gift and you know how a mother's love is -so the fabric won out. It was 6.99 a yard and all the fleece of that quality I had seen was running 10.00 and up..

I do not know why this did not post last night as I thought it was over and done with - but I guess that was just another one of those Challenges!
Love to all!


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