Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rosie and Fishies

After morning chores I made it as far as the sewing room. This red box I keep the cleaning pads in that go with my steam cleaner I had used last night on our hardwood floor. Well, Miss Rosie found it and thought it was a terrific spot to rest her meaness on-er- in. LOL

By the time I got everything put away and DH had just left to go in the back of our property to do some hunting (he actually felt well enough! ) - well, then I Realized that today was bill day : ( - - - - - my Least favorite day of all the month)! POOH!

So I gathered up all of the bills and papers and checks and online accounts and set down to try to find my way through the mess - as I was counting my blessings to be able to do it this month.

 When I would get too down or discouraged I have these buddies to help take my mind off of my troubles and give it a temporary break.  In my humble opinion I think that we all need shelter of some kind at times from the storms of life.It just happens that not all of my angels have fur- a few of them have fins. : )

I had just finished the bills when DH came back home and we took off to the post office to mail the ones that had to go that way and then to the bank. The bank was a mess because there had been a car wreck on the main road and traffic was all snarled and people were so uptight and it was just so unpleasant.!

We stopped at the drug store which is beside the bank now and picked up DH's inhaler and we were on our way home - Yea!

We ate a bite of supper and I could see DH's eyes getting heavy. He came to briefly and then headed off to bed. He did stop midway as he remembered the wood stove would need filling . I told him to go to bed - I would fill it up. He said maybe he would wake up in time to fill it anyway. I had to chuckle at myself while I was doing the dishes because I started to hear this little tapping sounds and discovered that the rain is pouring down!  LOL - I don't think I share the same love of rain as my fish buddies do . LOL

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