Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emmett's Green Lounge Pants

This is my project for today- a pair of Knit lounge pants that I think will work for Summer time. If you wonder about the "Customized"strip -that is where I neglected to get enough fabric (Grrrrr//// rrrr) and I had to "Patch" two small pieces together to manufacture one piece long enough for the front of the legs..

But , let me show you what "The Sewing Forces that be" throwed out for me to deal with today.

Sorry , it is blurry - but- you can still tell that the stitches are spaced nicely - - But- all of a sudden the machine just "changed"it's mind and this is what it wanted to do instead:

 Darn, still blurry -but you can see that NOW the stitches are Very close together and it did this all on its little ole self! No wonder my head is always in a spin.

All that fuss and yet, I did finally get them together. I only managed one other little boo-boo, as I was sewing the elastic in I manage to let it get twisted somehow -so I had to pull it back out and straighten the elastic and now it works right. You know that part in the tv stories about the safe cracker who puts his ear to the safe to HEAR the tumblers? For me it is kinda like that - only that click just doesn't happen and that is how I keep getting myself in trouble.So, If anybody has any EXTRA tumblers laying around out there - please send them to me. LOL


  1. Those pants are lovely, such a nice shade of green... I don't usually like green, but I do like the bright greens. Well done of managing to work out how to make them when you didn't have quite enough fabric too.

  2. nice and bright .. I love bright colors.sorry no extra tumblers lol


  3. You will be able to see where Emmett is in those lovely bright pants.