Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Furbabies Love Us -No Matter What We Look Like

Today was the day that I had my top teeth pulled . I hated it with a passion, but not having money for dentists and having lots of teeth problems I went ahead and just "did it".

-it broke my heart . I had thought for sure that I would leave this world with my teeth intact.But, I was wrong-no matter how much attention I lavished on them - they resisted.  Have you had yours pulled? 

It was horrible for me -yes, I am a ninny! First I was not prepared for All of those shots and the three in the roof of my mouth was soooo terrible.  The dentist was wonderful , very nice and very funny and he picked on his beautiful assistant and kept my mind moving along. I loved them both. They had donated their time and skills to this clinic and I sincerely appreciate them. 

She spent some time with me while he was finishing up with another patient and she gave me such good advice. Pulling the teeth- It was horrible. I think they really wanted to stay in my mouth as bad as I wanted them to, but I knew that with all the pain and infections that I had been having and when you sign up for an appointment to be seen it always takes months or even years. The last time it took 2 years for me to be seen because it depends on when or what doctors will volunteer.

I kept my eyes closed most of the time-opened them near the end and say the needle and thread -so I closed them again so I would not let my mind "imagine" that I would feel the stitches. (Sometimes you have to be sneaky with these bodies of ours)  Something about the way that they snap or break  or whatever they do to separate the tooth from the bone makes it feel like they are breaking your skull. I kept telling myself I was doing the right thing as a person not having money. I kept telling myself -no more tooth aches - no more puss running out of my eyeball-you know what I mean.

He did check my bottom teeth and even the one that is broken off in the back-one side of the tooth broke off -but it left the other wall and the filling and they feel firm -so he suggested that I keep those as long as I can. He said that the top ones are decent for dentures -but the bottom ones are more trouble and some people never adjust to them. I know my DH has had his out and dentures for 2 years now - and he is just starting to really use them to eat with. 

The young lady even said that those dentures will rub the bone under and over years times it rubs the bone away and can make the dentures rock and make it very hard to eat with and she did mention the little ole granny look where the chin recedes back in. I told her I did not want that and we both laughed when she said that most everybody has that to face. I did encourage her to wean herself off of sugar and I had to laugh when she said that would take all the good stuff away. I understood exactly how she felt-  O how wonderful a piece of homemade fudge with walnuts in it would be. LOL

I have been trying to keep DH away from the sugar because of the cancer feeding on sugar -but it is a terrible battle

Dr. Boyle did send me home with pain meds and I am so grateful. She told me to use an ice pack on my face to help with swelling. I was hurting by the time I got home and unpacked all that gauze and so carefully sipped a drink with the pill.  The information warns me against probing the area and of course the very first thing your tongue wants to do is run over and check out what has happened in its territory! Naughty, naughty tongue! How do you tie your tongue up???????????? : )  Of course it was delighted to find all these new caverns to explore - and of course the stitches- the tongue is amazed! All this new decorating and it was the last to know!!

I know I am not suppose to suck on it but the mouth wants what the mouth wants - and that is definitely not in my best interest!  I did learn something interesting from the gals in the office. The doctor had got blood on the back of my shirt by dropping a tooth and they told me to take peroxide to it and it would take it out -as she said we don't have enough shirts to ruin one too soon. I really appreciated that - so I have it in the wash machine right now to see how that works. If I remember right there are a gazillion uses for peroxide.

Thank goodness for computers and I can talk with my fingers. My face is already swelling and everything hurts. That part about getting them to turn loose is terrible. I have a terrible headache right where it felt like that was where the teeth broke loose-not his fault - just part of the process. She did warn me that the worst pain might still be yet to come -she said the 3rd to the 5th days can be the worse. Of course if I cannot make my mouth behave itself and I end up with a dry socket - I think I will roll myself down a big hill to punish this body of mine for not cooperating with what I am suppose to do! : )

Or course getting home was such a relief - a wonderful place to just be miserable in. But I was SO thrilled to see my furbabies - They did not care one little bit that I had gauze sticking out of my mouth and all bloody. They did warn me that 3 to 5 days could be the worst pain -that surprised me - and as we all know - I HATE PAIN! : 0

Now, if only I can get back to my sewing - time is wasting. 
Love to all!

L -    


  1. Poor you Linda, I hate having dental work and I hate having teeth taken out. I hope your mouth feels better soon.

  2. You poor thing! I would love to have my teeth out! But I think I would probably bleed to death knowing my bleeding problem. drat.
    I hope you are feeling better soon... {{{HUGS}}}