Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday greetings

I do not know what is wrong with Blogger tonight , but it will not allow me to insert a picture! I know everybody all over the world does not celebrate Thanksgiving like we do over here-But I can still give Thanks that I have all of you in my life!

Tomorrow we are driving to have Thanksgiving with Doug's sister and her husband . Of course I will miss out on the 'real food" -due to not having any top teeth. : (    But , that does not let me still be thankful! I do wish everybody a wonderful day .

I am still working on the car caddy organizers -so I will hope to see you later this week with new adventures of doing things backwards to learn how to do them correctly!   : )

Love to all -and don't blow away ! It feels like our house will be blown off of its foundations we have so much wind. That might be the only way I ever get to be blown over to Australia  or New Zealand!

Bad Blogger - BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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