Monday, November 21, 2011

How Do They Get Away So Fast??????????????????

I got to see this picture today of my granddaughter -and how she dressed for Halloween ! She is suppose to be a zombie and if you ask me - I think she Really pulled that one off! LOL

I did get to take my walk this morning and this afternoon. I was a little edgy because there were deer hunters all in the area -but - I feel like my walks are so important!I can tell a world of difference if I miss a day or two, and it is a challenge to get back to where I have worked so hard. .

After I got back and straightened up it was time for DH to go to the doctor to learn how to take this new medicine. I really do like this lady doctor. She is not only beautiful , but smart too and for us that is a winning combination. She taught him how to handle this medicine and they agreed to not start it until Sunday and that way he could enjoy his thanksgiving -just in case it makes him sick or something like that.
 I had tried to call in his meds this morning and on all of them they had some reason they would not fill them-so I loaded them up and showed her. She was amazed because they were all still in date and DH had managed to stretch them even further than he was suppose to. She told him that maybe he needed a new drug store-so we went past CVS and stopped at a small drug store in town that we had gone to Years ago. I did not even realize that it was still in existence . They treated us so nice and DH was happy about that .

Well I have got to run in the kitchen and put on a crockpot full of beans so I can fix DH chili beans for tomorrow and then I hope to hit the bed because he has a bunch of folks to hunt with him in the morning.
So love to all Linda.

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