Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ronnie lounge pants

AHHHHH! Another Perfectly lovely day. Not quiet as warm and the wind is rather stiff-but still a perfect day. I have completed another pair of lounge pants for one of the grandsons. He is like me in that we both seem to stay cold in the Winter time-so, I looked for him a piece of fabric that was the warmest I could find. I was so pleased to find this piece because it is SO warm and soft and fluffy inside.  Perfect for this small framed young man -That is UNTIL I discovered this.

I had already cut out one set of legs when I discovered that the fabric that was left  had this mess along the selvage  and into the fabric itself.  I was so disappointed. I remember looking at one bolt and discovering this and my friend that was with me picked up another bolt and it did not show any disfiguration. So, I guess it must have been on the inside of the fabric. O well, no matter how it got where ever it got and how I missed it- this is one time that I just have to live with it. I hate it.

After I discovered how to do the blind hem stitch I use it on most everything. I love it, but I have had a problem using it on the tops of lounge pants that have pockets.I sat down and studied it today before I sewed the top casing and I decided that where the needle sinks down into the folded pocket fabric -the thickness is too much for the needle to sink all the way through all of the fabrics. So, I caved in and just used a regular stitch.

I was pleased that I had paid attention to that little snag - ONLY - to discover that I had sewn the pockets in backwards! LOL

But I throwed my disappointment out the window and used it as a good excuse to sit down for a while as I ripped the casing all out to turn the pocket towards the front . My legs appreciated the break. Shame on them!

I finally got everything sewn together like it was suppose to do and thought about just folding them up-but- Lynne had taught me well that you really need to iron a project to set the stitches and just make it look better. After all the work you put into a garment then you really want to set them off! So, I pulled out the iron and worked on those stitches. Then I was more happy with them.

I got tickled with one of my dear friends -we were emailing of projects and she said she intended to have a pj day. So, I said I wanted one too and that way I could work on lounge pants- To which she replied that she meant a day to run around in her pj's all day! LOL   Isn't it funny how we can misinterpret things in our head! LOL

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  1. nice they turned out for you... you having one of those days.. like me...lol