Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hard to believe that another month is here already

So if the months are planning on being sneaky -then I will have to follow their example. Since I cannot magically make an appointment to sew without something blowing me out of the water -then I will just Pounce on my project before it knows what hit it. LOL

Another one of those days that flew by and left me. I went out to do chores and did not make it back in until lunch-time. So DH and I decided to just have a bowel of cereal. Then my time just got pulled in so many different directions for a while- you know - like a load of laundry that had to be hung out to dry , or dirty dishes that just Refuse to wash themselves -no matter how many times I hope they will do themselves. The vacuuming and a trip back to the garden . I ended up fixing DH sloppy joes and I  had a fresh salad. YUMMY.I cannot remember all of it because it slippped by too fast - so that was why I escaped to the sewing room late while DH was watching tv. I was grateful I had already cut out a pair of slacks  and I have learned one way to help me NOT make my terrible -boo-boos with slacks. I lay out the  fronts and I lay out the backs.

This way I do not sew the two fronts together like I did for so long! I then pick up one front and make sure I pin to label the right side and that prevents me from sewing two wrong pieces! Yea!

See, I actually made it far enough along to sew a casing for my waist-band! Yea- this is good news for me!

Well, here it is almost midnight and I have run out of steam-but all I have left to do is to cut my elastic and thread it through the caseing and HOPEFULLY I will have a pair of slacks . My pairs are sooo bad off - when you wear 3 or 4 pairs every day of every week -it does not take long for them to get very tired. LOL

Of course maybe I had such good lucky because one of the inspectors was hard at work keeping an eye on me! LOO Miss Cocoa !  No , I did not steal Chris from Diet Coke Rocks . She still has her little Cocoa also! You can check with her to make for sure. LOL

Love to all!

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