Monday, July 25, 2011

Mochia is hiding under the pillow

Yes, I know I had good intentions and even DH helped me get started this morning by helping with outside chores, with the plan that I would make it to the sewing room. All chores completed and we both ate some cereal . Looking good. It started to rain so I put the load of laundry in and used the dryer today. Almost there !
When I ran into the bed room to turn the dryer on -yep - that is where it fell apart. My precious furbaby Mochia was curled up in a tight ball and I could tell by looking that something was not right. I gently stroked her and she cried. That was it - time to find a doctor!

I called the vet and they told me to bring her on in! (I have wonderful vets!) Three of the other furbabies begged to go for a ride so they climbed on board in the back and I kept Mochia in my lap. She was terrified because the only other time she had been in the car was when I had her neutered. I tried to calm her fears. She would kiss me and I would kiss her.

I told the vet assistant that she was so scared that I think she forgot something was wrong with her. The vet agreed that could happen.The vet assistant was an angel! Mochia has Never let a stranger touch her without biting. But Michelle was so kind and so gentle that soon Mochia was in her arms while the vet did all kind of tests and while we chatted she was putting together the pieces of the puzzle. She took 3 drops of blood to run a test and it sat on the counter top while we worked.

To be trueful I thought the vet was taking the wrong path. (probably because the Other vet that I had given up on had let me down so terribly one time) But these REAlly keep on surprising me with Good.

It turned out that Mochia has LYME DISEASE! caused by a tick! One of my dearest friends had that two years ago and she was soooooo sick I was afraid she was going to die. She still has side effects from it. So we came home with pain medicine and antibiotics for a month.I have started her on it , but you can tell she is still in misery, as she is trying to hide up under the pillow.

I love this little gal wildly and it breaks my heart to have her go through this.

I did actually make it to the sewing room -hoping for an hour of creative work-YEA -right. I have forgotten what my last project was that I used that rolled hem with and I had forgotten about that - so the stitch finger was still out of the machine and when I tryed to put it back in- it was so stubborn. It took me that hour to get it back in. I put a pocket up to serge it and it ate the pocket! (can you hear me beating my head against the wall?)

Yea - I had forgotten about the stitch length and width- so I changed them back and tried one more time only to have giant loops every where . I gave up and DH came in and worked on it for me while I locked the chickens up and fed the guinea pigs. We had a really good rain and the grass was soaking wet as I walked.  And as you guys say, " the rest is history" and another day has slipped away. I need to give her some more medicine before we fall into bed.

So now I am hoping tomorrow??? Now I will have to cut a new pocket for that son's shirt as the serger ate this one right off the bat. But , you know how it is -we all have to dream. : }

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  1. Oh poor wee Mochia... I have heard that ticks can kill dogs!
    I hope he gets better soon.