Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buried by the Weekend

Have you ever had one of those time frames when you just cannot seem to set yourself free from too many events ? I Hate those times as you just set yourself into survival mode? I was beginning to think it was because I had been SO happy with those two days of sewing that I stolen this last week.So, I  would just have to "pay the pipper" I guess.

My sister-in-law  went to her doctor in terrible pain on Thursday and they discovered that she had a disc that had exploded into her spinal cord and they said she needed emergency surgery because if is moved any more , she would be paralyzed. They live in W.VA. and the hospital decided to send her over here to Va . The surgery was scheduled for Friday morning. We took off that morning for moral support for both DH' s sister and our brother-in-law -who is one of those great people.

But a complication presented itself in that the doctor that was suppose to do the surgery turned out to be the doctor who had operated on her the last time and he had done a bum job. So they sent her down for an MRI and ended up with a different doctor . He came up to talk to her and explain the danger of side effects and it was so scary.

This is DH sitting in her room waiting for her to return from the MRI -big room isn't it? LOL

They finally took her down for surgery around 5pm and it took until about 8pm when they contacted her sweet husband to tell him that she was out of surgery - in recovery. She had done good and the doctor had removed that disc and also the scar tissue that the other doctor had bummed up and she would have to stay in the hospital because she would Have to stay Flat on her back for 48 hours to start with .By then I was so tired . Something is wrong with my left foot anyway and it was starting to hurt and pound like when you smash your finger with a hammer, probably from being on the concrete floor all day and not being used to it.

We made it home about 10:30pm -only to walk into a DARK house. No electricity because a storm had knocked it out. If you could have been a fly on the ceiling you would have laughed at me as I ever so gently eased myself through the dark house attempting to find the flashlight. And it had to be one of those Solid Dark nights ! I remembered thinking that I would not be able to speak to my blog family!

With no electricity the house was heating up like an oven. I took the flashlight and went outdoors and did all the evening chores and came in and went to bed. Sleep would not come because it was sooooo hot with no fan . I got up and went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth and dipped it in the tank on top of the commode to get some clean , cool water and carried that back to bed with me and draped it across my forehead  . I  got up a couple of times  and re-freshened it . The last time I did this I closed my eyes -  only to feel the sweet refreshment of the fan start to waft down on me. What a relief! I tiptoed through the house and had to unplug the bread machine because that lady was talking all about making that loaf of bread. LOL I pulled the cell phone out of my purse and plugged it up to charge over night. Then I went back to bed and "died".

This morning the pet store called and I thought I would get that done quickly - WRONG. Everything that could go wrong - went wrong . Plus the temperatures were climbing. We had an attic fan that had died and DH had got the part this past week to fix it,but instead of going to the attic we took it to the critter house and that Really helped !

The water system had gone on the frits and we had to fix that and change the cages . Time seemed to drag as I attempted to fix one thing after another.  A couple of my trays had been chewed out and I went outdoors and looked for something that I could use as a floor. I moved on to DH's little shop and spied a nice flat piece of tin that I could steal so I carried one of the cages up to the tin and measured it . Then went to get a tool to cut it. I eased it under the tin and made a first push , but it would not cut through. At that moment something covered my glasses and I could not see a lick to see what was wrong.Little did I know I had just stumbled into a yellow jacket nest . When I made a swipe to remove what ever it was blocking my sight and all of a sudden it was open fire on the ole lady. I jumped straight up -realizing it was bees and they were not happy with me.I took off like a bucking bronco and as I rounded the corner of the shop my glasses flew off-my Four HUNDRED DOLLAR glasses ! So I turned  back to nab them only to be whopped with pain -jumping up and down and squalling I tried to run once again. There went those dumb glasses once again and I whirled to grab them -realizing that was a hopeless effort - I left them behind and fled to the house squalling with every breath ! DH had heard the commotion and he was coming out the back door as I almost run over him attempting to flee the pain. By now they were in my hair and he went to whopping them off of me. He told me to head to the shower. As I was shedding clothes they were in all of them,even down to my socks! Talk about a sneak attack. ! The pain was so bad and he took baking soda and put on them. I was covered in sweat and misery. But I really did not want to take a shower until I was finished with my job, so I pulled on different dirty clothes and went back out-running into hubby as he was coming down with my glasses. I did get my work finished and he did cut what I needed for the cage.  Then I did finally get my shower and get dressed to take things to the pet shop - only to discover that riding bounced my wounds and made them all hurt all over. It was so miserable. The one at the corner of my mouth started swelling inside my mouth and that was miserable. We had planned to leave the pet store and go on down to the hospital , but DH saw I was in too much pain and he called them and told them I had got stung and we would not make it tonight. I was hurting so bad and that was on top of a pain pill and an antihistamine

As we neared home dark clouds floated in and it was thundering and lightening. I could not capture the lightening .

This was a neighbors hourse that came up to greet me as I was snapping the picture. She is the same color of my first horse and smelling her sweet horsey smell made me feel a little better.

this is a little river almost home. I had picked up a bottle of ammonia  and went and got a  cotton ball and had DH dab it all over the stings. All across my shoulders and even on one of my breasts. Could not use that around my eyes or the corner of my mouth.

I got him to do that two more times and it scared him because they had really started to whelp up big time. So I came in here to explain to you guys what had happened and he went out AFTER dark to murder those monsters(sorry - no sympathy at the moment! ) I heard him come in and went to check on him and he had got stung one time on his knee . We had to laugh and we put ammonia on his sting. I took it back to the bathroom and went back to the computer. About 15 minutes later He said those bees were really mean and his sting suddenly Wheped up too! LOL  I went and got him an antihistamine too. So , I guess it is true that Misery really does love company.To add insult to injury while I was on the computer another bee almost got me ! That time though I was the winner! : ) I did give in and take two Benedryle  to ease it up so I can hopefully go to sleep!  LOL

So , IF I should disappear tomorrow , we are hoping to go back to the hospital to spend the day with his Sister and see how she is holding up. I Know I would HATE to have to lay on my back for 48 hours solid.

So you guys just watch out for those Mean ole bees - and stay safe!
Love to all!

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  1. You poor bugger! I hate bee stings...let alone heaps of them! How mean.
    I hope your hubby killed them all!