Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a beautiful day today with lots of sun and heat. Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter , up to one hundred of higher.

After we ate and I did chores I had made an appointment for DH because one of his arms is infected and he has a painful growth on one of his fingers and his belly hurts and is hard and he has been having leg cramps every night(we had tried the bananas and peanut butter-which did not help) and he has been having headaches every day?????

His doctor is a beautiful , super talented lady doc and I had to laugh at her when we pulled out this list of stuff and had gone through almost all of them and she asked -"do you have anything Easy in that list"? LOL

She is making him an appointment with some other doc about the growth on his finger and she prescribed him antibiotics for his arm and fiber for his tummy .Then tomorrow he will see his cancer doc and I am nervous about that one?  I HATE CANCER! I always have because my favorite aunts died from it when I was little . She had a terrible knot come up on her forhead and when it ruptured it killed her. I was little ,but I heard whispers of the beatings that her husband gave her they thought was connected. He was an evil man.
O, the picture above is of Christiansburg, Va. It is one of the towns we had to drive through for this doctor and then we go there tomorrow for his cancer doctor. I am so very proud of this little town, they have really spent time and money on this town . They put up these beautiful purple looking flowers hanging all through town. They have added brick walkways to really make it special to me. They have flowers in barrels all through the town and the color just makes me feel happy that someone cares enough to spend effort on the town instead of in people's pockets.

Wonder how all the rest of you guys are faring-what is your weather like? Maybe I can feel cooler tomorrow is I know that it is cool where you guys live at?????

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  1. Hope all goes well for your Dh Linda
    maria XX