Friday, July 29, 2011

Second camo tee shirt-

This was suppose to be the design for another of my sons, but it also ended up being too small for either of them.It amazes me how just the properties of the fabric can change a size. I noticed this last Christmas when one of the shirts I gave to my older son turned out to be too small for him and I had used the same size pattern for all three of them-but the one was too small.Talk about live and learn ? It is a lot more than just learning to follow a pattern!

So, what I thought would be for our youngest son's birthday in August is not going to work for him. I hope I can dig myself out of this lesson and come up with a size with this fabric that will fit him??? Plus, I had been considering making him a pair of lounge pants out of it because it is so lightweight it just feels like air?????

Today was another beautiful hot day . We made our run to the mill to get feed and my sister-in-law asked for me to pick up her a bag of cornmeal because they fresh grind it! She is the one who had the back surgery and she is improving daily! She did say that the doctor who did her surgery told her to Never let that first doctor near her back again because his bad work was the cause of all of her pain and misery for the last year . We both almost fainted because you can hardly get one doctor to say anything about another doctors bad work.  But I am thrilled that she is improving!Yea!

I did not get to go for my walk this afternoon because what ever is wrong with my foot is causing me so much pain that I cannot bare to walk on it. I hope I finally get to see the doctor on Monday -this time????? DH also has to go to the doctor on Monday morning to have a growth removed from one of this fingers. We both might just end up being one "crip" helping another "crip" through the day! LOL

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