Monday, July 18, 2011

Mocha Says Hi

It is another one of those weeks that is Jet Propelled. Yesterday it was one distraction after another and today DH had to see a doctor about a growth under one of his fingers that has gotten painful. It was a Dr. Charles Harris and he was a very nice gentleman and such a sweet assistant.

Then we came back home and I started doing those never - ending things around the house. My daughter-in-law had canned us a boxful of pickles and I carried them down to the cool basement and then brought up empty jars that I can take back to her.My canning shelves look worse than the house. It has been a long time since I  had something to can and almost all of the shelves are full of empty jars.But the spiders had been very happy and had spider webs EVERYWHERE!

It is very hot here and I have been attempting to keep my plants watered on the front porch because it does not take long for the pots to dry out and the plants faint?  I keep trying to find time to tie up the two big pots of cucumber vines I have out there . They are growing so fast they are taking off across the porch. LOL

O , when we were at the hospital today it was the first time I had been up there since it was built and BOY did I wish I had remembered to take my cameras. They had wall size windows and you could look as far as the eye could see in almost all directions. I felt like that machine that you used to see where you inserted coins and get to look as far as you could see. He has to go back next month to have that removed and I will try really hard to take that CAMERA!

Sorry to be short and sweet, but there are other things to tackle before the day ends !
Love to all!

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