Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Our fourth of July holiday was quiet. We both managed to get sick this morning and did not have any idea why? Exhaustion, sick at our stomachs but we both went out . I did my critter chores and sat down a lot in between times. DH worked in his little shop cleaning up and moving stuff around.I did not see him head to the house so I sat down in my little swing and combed Snowball the male pekingese.I have discovered if I comb Just a light go over each day  that really makes us both happy  with no bad  tangles. Plus, it is easier for him to forgive me Once  - rather than ten different tangles.

Finally I headed to the house and bumped into DH in the kitchen playing solitaire and he said he was hungry and I was a little bit too. Since it was after lunch time I decided to fix us lunch. I fixed him venison and gravy in the pressure cooker ( so I can get it tender enough for him to eat). It has been over two years now and he still cannot wear his dentures full time because they make his mouth one big sore! I have never seen anybody else have that problem. I keep wondering if he could be allergic to them? I fixed a fresh salad and headed to the front porch to treat myself to eating out doors -ONLY - to turn around in my steps as big rain drops started hitting me on my head. The sky was the darkest I had ever seen it , so I headed back in . There was plenty of wind and after I found myself seated - the rain stopped. I guess it just did not want me to go outdoors.

After we rested a while he has gone back outdoors and I am finally in the sewing room. I brought one of my pair of slacks that I like and compared them to my free hand design and there is just not much difference in them.So, I am going to test a different piece of knit fabric????

I lay it all out and study it and decide to cut the next pair out a little wider- reach for my camera and POOH! My battery is dead and I will have to recharge it. So , I turn to the serger and realize I will have to change my black thread to white thread! There is always Something else to do.

I went ahead and laid everything out , got them cut out(I almost got stumped trying to figure out if I had the right side or the wrong side-lol)  I sergered the pieces together -and everytime I do this I LOVE my serger even more! How nice they make everything look and nice and no run away strings to track down or come loose in the wash. I Love your Brother!

This time I make for sure that I have a casing big enough for my elastic! The elastic threads through smoothly and then it is on to the hems in the legs. Finally for the first time in my life I have made a project quickly enough for one afternoon . I like this Quick Satisfication!

Now run out and do chores -more like drag out and lock the chickens up -gather the eggs and pull a few greens for the guinea pigs.We had a nice light rain and everything looks happier. I am just too tired to take my walk ! This makes the second day in a row I have not walked and I do not like that because it makes it all the harder to play catch-up.

Now, for the final -most important part of the project - to take an iron to it and make it respectable. That is one thing that Lynne taught me : a project needs that finishing touch!

This fabric has a funny feel to me. It is kinda heavy - yet when you lift it up you can see right through it.Or if you lay it across your arm and it is not balanced the weight of the larger side will pull it off?????
We have decided not to go to town to see the fireworks,between us both being tired and mainly the price of gas is just so high we cannot really afford it.

I hope everyone has had a Wonderful day!
love to all

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  1. SORRY YOU TWO ARE NOT FEELING VERY CHIPPER... your pants look good though!