Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday lounge pants for Emmett

OK, I decided to try something different, so I pulled out the lounge pants pattern .I have actually learned this fabric is a real challenge so I took it slow and easy. I put in the "knit" needles and I tried to remember all the tips , like basting the pockets to the front to make them lay right. When I was almost finished I managed to get the fabric poked down in the machine and I was afraid I was going to ruin them after all that work!  I cut the thread and that did not turn me loose so I took the faceplate off and that allowed me to salvage my project! Yea. It must have been for the good though  because the lint had built up in there . It was packed so I took my little vacuum attachment and cleaned it out good!

I had one of my sweet supervisors watching over me today and that was a good thing. My Cocoa looks nothing at all like Chris's Cocoa at DietCokeRocks!  LOL

It was another hot beautiful day and I was so grateful to have this chance to work on a gift for a birthday.

It took me all day , but I have something to show for my effort-thank goodness.

We Almost had a thunder storm this afternoon . The thunder was Booming loud and clear. I was cutting the guinea pigs some more fresh grass this after noon and the thunder made me think of the saying ," angels are moving the furniture in Heaven" It must have been truly heavy furniture! LOL

We had another feast from the garden today. I picked cucumbers and beans and fresh corn and it was SO amazingly good!LOL I truly Hate that I forgot to plant squash and zucchini because I ran across a recipe that looks so good. I also ran across a recipe for Sun Pickles and I was hoping to try that one because I know we have enough SUN. LOL But, not enough cucumbers. I will try again toward the end of next week. I even found the cutest little watermelon growing .  Hope,hope , hope! LOL

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  1. Emmett lounge pant look great.
    Nice to have your fur baby keep you company Linda.