Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?????

 What a truly beautiful day it has been. Beautiful sun -not to hot - just perfect. I finished my morning chores and came in the house about 1;30, fixed us a bite to eat and sat down to rest for a spell. I had worked in the garden so I was good and tired. That bending over really stresses my back. LOL
But , while I was in the garden at least I saw the delivery man pull into the driveway and DH was with me so he went and got the car to meet the UPS man. The problem for them is that I have a favorite tree and every time I planted one (out of the way) it would get killed -so I decided to plant one where I could keep an eye on it -right beside the driveway. Well, it lived and is thriving and large trucks can hardly squeeze under it -and especially not get scratched!  Everybody fusses -but me! LOL But, nobody else stands under it and eats her full of mulberries! O, except for the birds that I share it with. LOL

So my new fabric was here from Fabric.com -it is out in the car and I am torn between playing with it -OR- fixing all of my DH's pants. He is so hard on clothes -and all of his pants need something. I noticed that when I hung them out to dry! So, I guess I will do the mature thing and Fix his pants so I can keep him in pants! LOL

That took a while so that will be my project for the day! All sewn and ready to go to work too! LOL
That one pair tried to run away from me when it saw me coming at it with an Iron! LOL  But that is good - we will just see how long that lasts! : )

As I looked at the calendar I could not help but shriek because my two daughter-in-laws are having birthdays next week and I am totally off guard and no money to do much about it because I found out that DH goes back to his cancer doctor later this month and I thought it was next month - so I will have to rob Peter to pay Paul once again??????  What do you guys make for your daughter-in-laws????? Help!


  1. Make them a loaf of bread and give them some jelly!! Yummy!

  2. I don't really have any daughter in laws yet!
    As for hubby's pants... what's wrong with a half naked man anyway?
    I would have worked on the new fabric!!! lol

  3. Make some pickles or jams something they love. Or just a nice bunch of flowers or veges from your garden. Save your money for hubby & you.
    Mary H