Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday , Hospitals and Stings

So after morning chores we headed back to the hospital in Roanoke, Va. It is that tall glassy looking building .It was already so hot and miserable. I am So grateful that we do not live in a city with all that asphalt and concrete that seem to just soak up all that heat and reflect it back onto you. It makes it hard for me to breath. Our usual parking lot was full even through we rode through it several times-so DH drove around back to a side entrance that he had taken our youngest son to for his back. We parked and went to the door and it was locked. : (   So, we walked back to the vehicle and DH drove around to the front lot and now there was a parking spot right in front of the door. What a relief! Whatever is wrong with my foot makes it SO painful to walk that it is pure misery. I can bluff my way to the outside world , but I cannot bluff it to myself.

We went up to the twelveth floor and she was sitting up in a chair for the first time since her surgery.We learned that we had missed some of the story because on Friday night after she came out of surgery somehow she tore out stitches and they had to take her back to surgery and redo the stitches. On top of that Eddie's sister came all the way from W.VA. to visit and while she was there -she had a heart-attack and she had to have a shunt put in. They said that was one , but she had 3 more that would have to be done. So poor Eddie is torn between his wife and his sister. I told him it would have been nice if both gals could have  been in the same room. : )

Just the ride had launched my bee stings into Overtime itching and burning and then cold chills and misery. So, while they went to visit with the other family we decided to come on home. There were storms all around us with plenty of dark clouds and rain off and on.

Now that we are home it is almost dark -where in the world does time go to? At least now I can have DH put the ammonia on the stings . I would be tough out of luck if I lived by myself because the largest majority of them are on my back.He had found even more today - those EVIL little Boogers!

I hope you have had a lovely day to start your week off !


  1. Eddie's sister was in the right place to go and have a heart attack! But how awful.
    Just HOW MANY bee stings did you get???
    I would be a miserable cry baby with only ONE!
    I think you are one tough chook!

  2. Oh Linda, I go away for a few days and you get into all sorts of trouble with bees and family in hospital. I hope you have a lovely quiet week this week and all goes well for you.