Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life can be like a bulldozer

When it seems that life buries you -sometimes I just have to enjoy the smaller things.It seems ALL weekend long it has been one thing after another! I was hoping it was going to let up now that the week has a new chapter-but today DH went to the garden to pick us a cucumber for a salad and when he returned he was out of breath from carrying a monster tub plum full of BIG cucumbers! It was so full I could barely life it. I REALLY hated that they got too big, but with the price of groceries I am trying VERY hard to not waste any.

They were too big to make pickles so I had a new recipe I wanted to try. It has me a little bit bumfuzzled! It said to grind up your cucumbers and sweet peppers and hot peppers and onions and celery. My sister-in-law had given me the perfect tool for that job Christmas two years ago. I had been saving it for the perfect time. The thing that worries me is how much "liquid" it seems to be , because cucumbers are a major part liquid?  I am so hoping after spending all day chopping them up that this recipe will not ruin them????

My poor ole legs are just trembling from being up on them all day long.They are suppose to sit overnight and then drain them tomorrow and can them. I don't have enough vinegar so we will need to go get some and some more spices.

As both of us ended up in the garden at different times today I discovered that the beans also need picking . I cannot tell if it is enough for a mess - OR - if there will be enough to can?

I will have to bring up the jars and wash them and also check on the caning lids to see how many I have ??? See, it seems it is always SOMETHING.

I found the sweet peppers that I needed for this recipe from the plants on the front porch . The plants in the garden do not have any peppers on them so far? But, as I rounded to corner I had to stop and laugh at that cucumber plant I had tied up on the bamboo last week and if you look close on the left side up near the top - you can see a baby cucumber already growing.  I really enjoy the plants on the porch because they are so easy to access when you just need something for a quick salad. My one tomato plant just fell over dead though. I think next year I will try a tommy-toe??

Both of the gals who were in the hospital got to go home today , so that chapter has a happy ending. : ) Well, I better run (walk) back to the kitchen and mix up the salt solution to pour over the veggies and figure out a way to stuff them in the fridge! Sure do not want them to spoil after all that work. LOL
Love to all! :)

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  1. Your garden looks so great. Green and full of goodies to eat. Enjoy those cucumbers and beans.