Thursday, July 7, 2011

Research Day?

I think I might say this has been a day of research. Still looking for an easy way to do the two daughter-in-laws birthdays next week. I received two really good ideas -but still just looking around for variety.

So, I Googled  birthday for daughter-in-laws and spent some really nice time visiting some blogs . It is always fun to see what others are creating and with the house to myself I have had fun .

For instance I thought I should share this blog with you -because you never know when you might need some inspiration  or even a little escape .
The reason I enjoyed this blog was because she has a list of blogs that sew and it saves you a Lot  of hunting and pecking!

Here in Va. we are having a nice rain with just a little rumble of thunder . I am grateful for what I would call a nice normal rain! None of those tornado warnings or thunder and lighting that shatter the sky. Yea for that.

I carried all of my pigeons in the building last night -so I would not be broken hearted this morning. It seemed like even the pigeons enjoyed the safety. We spoke to our neighbor yesterday afternoon and he said they had seen two coyotes at his place  and two foxes  so they too have their chickens locked up.

I wore that black pair of slacks to my counseling yesterday and I really enjoyed them.The reason I have the house to myself is that DH had to take our youngest son to have tests done today for his back surgery next week. I am so hopeful that this time he has a good doctor who can make a difference.

I have heard others of you speak of catching up on your blog reading - Now I know what you mean! : )
Happy Trails To You!!!!!!!!

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