Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Days Work

It is hard to believe that this is TWO DAYS work Yesterday was picking it and hauling it in to wash the cucks and grind them and the onions and peppers and celery up. Then I poured a brine solution to cover and moved everything in the fridge to stick them in there to keep them cool.

Today we went to town to get the spices and bread.We stopped at Wal-mart to get the spices and the prices about blew my eyeballs out. I told DH IF they thought I was paying them that price -they were wrong. So we left and stopped at our oldest son's garage as DH was looking for a belt for his tractor .

Then we picked up the vinegar at a little store that has the cheapest prices. I checked the spices but they did not have what I wanted. That took us off again going up into the mountains of our home to where there is a little Mennonite store. If I had to spend money then I prefer it go to our local neighbors instead of a giant box company. They did have it and it was half the price for twice as much . Yea!  I love these gals -they are Always so sweet and kind.

Then we came home and ate a bite and I started working on these guys. Half of the work load was carrying up the jars from the basement and washing them and putting them in the oven to sterilize them. I had the veggies draining while I worked on the jars.

Boy, this is going to be some sweet spicy relish to go with brown  beans this winter. My next goal is to work on the green beans. Maybe tomorrow??? But, I have a doctor appointment for a check-up on my fibromyalgia and I hope to ask her what is wrong with my foot.

But, don't think I have forgotten that "I WANT TO SEW! See how crazy life can get.One good thing is that I got to take my walk this afternoon and even DH joined me . That was very pleasant and we both sounded like two little freight engines huffing and puffing up and down the hills. LOL But we did make it back home and for that I am grateful. I hope that you managed to do something that you love today !

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  1. You'll be eating pickled cukes for months. Great batch.