Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't fight with Your Computer - Or your husband. LOL

It was just "One of those days". I just got off on the wrong foot when DH throwed a couple of "husband fits" and that just throwed it out of kilter. The next thing I knew he went outdoors and I tore the living room apart and moved all the furniture and vacuumed  the floor and then steam cleaned it good. I love that steam cleaner for cleaning with because I do not use any toxic cleaners that the furbabies could pick up on the pads of their feet and make them sick.

Then I went out and did all the chores and by then it was hot! I had sweat dripping off of my eyes it was so warm. DH wanted me to cook him a wild turkey that he had in his freezer so I got him to cut the legs off to where it would fit in my pot and put that on for him.

Then I moved to the sewing room  with a salad to check e-mails while I munched. Miss Rosie had caught the door open while I was cleaning and she was peeking in the window at me while I am on the computer. LOL She was having a really good time out there . She loves to lay in the swing and just watch everything she can see. Her two favorites are the hummingbirds over her head and then check on me to see if I need help.

Well, you know how e-mails are one thing just led to another and the evening slipped away. Miss Rosie made her appearance on the cutting table and I looked out and it was POURING RAIN! I do mean pouring buckets full.

I really had good intentions of cutting something out -but the computer decided to disagree with me when I wanted to save a project! GRRRRR! It did not want to save anything so we  had a go-round for the rest of the evening. I knew it was my USB that was not working because it would not let me into my USB  port to assess my flashdrive, where I wanted to save the project to! I tried everything I knew . I tested it usb and then I uninstalled drivers for each one and then re-installed them. Still no go! I tried the F5 tab for the universal windows and even that did me no good.  I really want to pick it up and strangle it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made me lose my project I had worked so hard to find and then it deleated my desktop picture and I had to go find that again! I KNEW I should not have bragged on her last night. Now I have books and papers strewn all over the place where I had moved everything . I really have a great MESS. See the trouble I can get myself into . I should have just cut that shirt out and been happy.

Tomorrow DH and I both have doctor visits. So, I hope to catch up with you guys tomorrow and see what you have been up to.

Happy trails! ; )


  1. Oh don't you just hate days that start out like that. It just makes everything go crazy! Hope tomorrow is a much better day!

  2. Hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

  3. Isn't Miss Rosie so cute.
    Not that I'm a cat person!
    But some cats are cute ...
    I hope your day goes better ... and fingers crossed for good visits with the Dr.