Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Start Somewhere

has become an interesting theory with me and no matter what it is -it always makes me smile to know that I accomplished SOMETHING! Maybe not what I had intended, but still helpful. So instead of taking two steps forward and two steps Back - it is only 1 step back.

This is the ceiling in my sewing room . This corner  used to house  one walk in space for some of my birds Until sewing came into my life and as I worked I knew I needed more space. I cannot remember how the back spot got there But for 5 years now it has been covered up with one of those long shop lights and thus "out of sight - out of mind"!

But today DH made the mistake of stepping into the sewing room to look at my ceiling fan which was rocking and rolling SO back I thought it was going to jump off of the ceiling and hit me in the head. Plus, it is wicked hot and I really needed the fan to be useful. I could hardly believe it when he jumped right in on it. He took it down and something up inside of it had  broken off that was suppose to hold it up there.Plus, from all of the rock and rolling the blades had actually came loose and a few more turns and no telling where they might have flown off to. It took a couple of hours and a few DH fits but now it is even better than it was new.

Then I made the mistake of telling him I really needed his advice on something and I saw that "O NO" look in his eye when the wife wants an opinion. The only reason I intended to ask ahead of time is because if I give him some time to mull things over -he doesn't get as upset with me.

I showed him that spot (which has the tear in it now" ) but then it had the shop light and then asked him what kind of trouble would it be to move it over across the room to the sewing machines ? He studied it for a minute and asked if it was one of those plug in lights instead of one of those that you have to wire yourself and I said yes.

So he did a little measuring to determine where the two by fours were in the ceiling while I was holding my breath.   

AAnd now this is its new location over the sewing machines. How Nice is that! LIGHT!

Yep, here are those "babies" that I am trying to shed some light onto!All crammed together because DH was walking across the desk tops .Ok, here is my next dilemma - the light is up and the machines are down and it has a pull chain to it  all the way up at the ceiling? How am I going to reach the chain.  Well, I am not going to climb up on a ladder every time I need to turn it off and on and I do not have the money for a nice new fancy chain so I rummaged through some of my treasures and found a few beads left over  and a scrap of crochet thread . I strung the beads on and then crocheted the outfit together to make it long enough for me to reach and here it is. A little "bling" for a while. LOL
I got the ladder and climbed up to the ceiling and walked on my desktop and tied one end to the tiny chain and looked and it reached down to where I can reach it. 

And here is my pretty . I am so tickled.

So after all of this effort DH got his fishing supplies together and took off to see if he can throw a line in a few miles from home. It is a small dam and he is always fussing because they run the turbine and that messes the water up to where he cannot fish because it makes the current so wild that the fishing line just gets pushed to shore -unless it gets hung up in the rocks on its way to shore.

I had stepped outdoors to hang out some more laundry . It was sooooo hot that I almost could not get my breath. but I got everything hung up and the phone rang as I came through the door . It was DH and our brother-in-law had called to tell us that DH's sister had blown a disc in her back and they were going to do surgery in the morning and they were moving her from W.Va. where they live over here to a hospital 40 miles from our house.DH told him we would come to the hospital and sit with him in the morning. See how fast plans can change?

I will say bye for now - I have plenty to try and figure out. Hope you all have a beautiful day.

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  1. Clever tart, love the bling... and it's a good place for the light.
    I hope hubby got some fish.
    fingers crossed your SIL has a sucessful surgery.