Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cocoa says Hi!

I think I need a good stretch too , as I have been plugging away on the first embroidery project in quiet a while. Matter of fact I thought I would die IF I did not embroider something! So , the machine got back at me for abandoning it for so long. It started breaking threads and reminded me that I should have written Down all the things that you can check before you go nuts. LOL

But I got lucky and finally figured out it was the thread-so I switched to another and had no more breakages.
Of course I bored Cocoa and Mocha to the bone , but they have so much patience with me! LOL

While they were discussing all of my faults Miss Rosie gave them "That Look" that cats give dogs who are beneath them! Of course they really are beneath her in reality because she is in the window and they are down in the chair.LOL
Sorry about the lousy picture - I will do better next time. : ) Of course I had challenges on this as I went along. Aside from the usual breaking of threads - the machine decided to "hiccup" and not put one piece of the color where it belonged?????  Plus, I had lessened the number of stitches hoping to make it lay better on this light-weight fabric and it still decided to pucker in a couple of places????? No wonder so many people give up embroidery-there is Always something to act funky!

We have had another very cool day- I don't ever remember it being this cool in JULY! Now they keep saying next week will be miserably hot - I will just take it one day at a time and see what happens. As long as I can keep all of my critters comfortable and happy it will be ok. I am just so thrilled it is Summer. : ) You know, all the flowers and veggies in the garden . We are getting fresh cucumbers now . I put them in macaroni salad  and then in veggie salad. They hurt  my tummy in the macaroni salad , but I LOVE them so much - it is worth the discomfort . O -yea- and in cucumber sandwiches where I toast the bread and put in cream cheese and then the cucks! YUMMY! But -jee whiz I almost had a heart attack at the price of cream cheese - it has doubled since last year-so I won't be going overboard with it.

Hope every one has had a lovely day!
Bye for now!

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