Thursday, July 28, 2011

Someones Keeping An Eye On Me Today

Rosie has been watching over me today and I really did need it. I did pretty good this morning . While DH went fishing for a while I did all of  my outdoor chores  I even had a fight with some kind of grass. While pulling grass for the guinea pigs I have discovered a grass that I cannot pull  -it is just too strong to budge. So I went and got a pair of scissors (not my sewing scissors!) And I scissored a basket full of green grass. LOL I guess you would say -that is where stubborn meets stubborn! LOL

I even made it to the garden with my basket big enough for one meal of the green beans. Our garden has decided to go nuts. Everything green has taken off growing and it is a jungle out there. I even found two paddy pan squash and when I was coming out of the garden DH was coming up the driveway.

I got a cold drink and sat on the porch breaking the beans. How nice it is to have a Fresh mess of green beans that you know where they came from and how they were treated. These are the first green bean that I could EVER get DH to eat. They are the Tenderettes , and they are so tender and no strings. We both hate strings .

I throwed them in the pressure cooker and chopped the squash and put them on very low heat while I took a shower. Then it was all ready together and I had added chopped cucumbers too. I was trying to time everything because I had a doctor appointment at 2:30 and we got there 15 minutes early, only to have the young lady tell me that I did not have an appointment until August 1!I did not have my card with me , so she wrote it down for me. Then we went straight back home and I pulled out the card with my appointment for July 28 !I was not too happy because gas is a real problem anyway and If I would have known it would be a wasted trip I could have stayed home and picked more beans and maybe canned some. : (

It left me with an unhappy feeling because everybody just automatically thinks It is my fault when something is wrong.The good part was I got to make it to the sewing room , but I was half afraid to touch anything.

It was a good thing that the embroidery part of the project was already completed. See that crooked pocket? I have learned that this rayon/jersey  knit is a REAL pain to work with. It was skipping stitches like when you push someone -that was the way this was doing -it looked like someone was just pushing the stitches everywhere but where they belonged???? So, a light-bulb finally went off in my head and I changed the needle to one that is manufactured for knit fabric and that really did help a lot, but my serger still Hated it. The entire project was a battle.

I was so glad that I thought to change that needle! After it was finished I studied it for a  minute -thinking it really looked too small for either of my two sons. I took it in the bathroom and tried it on and it was snug on me -so I knew it would be too little for my boys. I took it in the kitchen and had DH try it on for size comparison and it fit him to a tee. So , since it fits him -that takes it down to a medium size. It is just all about the fabric and how much stretch it has. I am glad I thought to pay attention to that.So now I will have to cut out two more -only size XL on the pattern , but the fabric will make it become a size large.

I just have a terrible time juggling everything that you can cram into one 24 hours. If only I did not have to sleep, but the more I find out about sleep -the more important I discover that it is for our health -and most of us do try to "trim" more off it it as we attempt to cram more into our every day lives????

I had a pretty amazing experience this afternoon when I went out to lock up the chickens and re-feed the guinea pigs. I have seen orange skies in the afternoon as the sun is setting , but this time I had waited too late to go for my walk-time just slipped away on me.

So , as I was climbing up the little knoll  I happened to look at the ground and it was  an orange glow. I looked all around me and everything was covered in this beautiful soft orange glow! It was really amazing and simple words do not do justice to it. I looked up into the sky and could see a little orange , but it just was not anything brilliant , like what I was seeing on the ground as it was breath-taking.

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