Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Magic Box

This is the "magic box" that holds the fabric from It is almost like Christmas for me. With this I intend to make presents for the guys. My youngest son's birthday is the first part of next month and since it is so hot I hope to tackle a pair of knit lounge pants. I have made all of the others flannel and I know they cannot wear them in the summer so I am going to experiment. I know they make them from knits because I checked them out in the stores. Ok, lets set the magic free from its bondage.

OOOO, look at this! Even better than I had expected. It is nice and very light weight and so soft. I am hoping to transform fabric into smiles.

This is what it looks like now that it is free. I am attempting to mark off two pieces that are two yards and then one piece that is two yards and a half. That is what the patterns call for and I am going to prewash them to see how much they shrink. I think it will work perfectly because it is sixty inches wide! YEA! That is another reason that I love -they have really nice fabrics to choose from.

I love their discount fabrics but so far this year it has all been cottons and broadcloth and taffetas and things like that for the 1.95 /yards. And we all know my heart belongs to knits. : )

I did run into a problem - just leave it to me! When it came to measuring it off  I marked the two yards and after I had cut it I discovered that it was wound crooked onto the roll????? This is bad as I am "crooked "enough all by myself with out any help from the fates that be! But all I can do now is just see how it comes out.

It was a lovely day -they had called for HOT- but it was not because of all the clouds and there was a lively breeze making the trees sway and dance for joy. We can learn a lot from Mother Earth.  I had a lovely walk this afternoon. It was dusk and it was just enough time to climb up the hill and then make a circle around in the back where DH cut hay for the first time in our life. We got a whole two big bales , so it was Very educational.

Well, I better run and put the fabric in the dryer and see what happens-but that is why they call it "magic"! :)

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  1. Good luck with the new fabric, it looks like you've got plenty to make heaps of lounge pants, what about matching hoodies too.