Sunday, July 3, 2011


When I went into the sewing room I was feeling lousy. I don't have a clue what was wrong with me. I was dead tired and had a monster tummy ache . I had started feeling so bad when I went outside to do chores. I was down to the last 3 when it hit me and I had to sit down. DH was working in his shop and passed by . I asked him If he would mind to mow a small bag of grass for me to feed the guinea pigs as it always take me about an hour to pull two buckets full, which would feed morning and night. He did - it did not take him 10 minutes and I was feeding everybody.

So, I changed clothes and came in and noticed right off when I laid the slacks down  I had hemmed too small a casing so I had to rip them out , but that gave me a chance to sit in a chair in the cool room and work.After that I repinned and resewed the top for the elastic. My mistake had been that this elastic was a larger size than what I had been using. So, I went up to an inch and a quarter. Finally I was getting ready to insert the elastic when the thunder started to rumble????`So, I decided to step out on the porch and check it out.

My eyes roved over the plants . All are doing good except for the tomato . I had picked off 3 ripe ones , but it looks sick now. As I approached the edge of the porch where I could get a better look at the sky I caught a flash of movement down below me.

Mama Deer stepped right out in front of me and my heart started beating 90.Why she had not seen me was beyond me-but I was thrilled , even if she was dreaming of fresh veggies.

She came even closer because she knows there are apples on the other side And a garden without a gate.

She is "sizing up" the lay of the land and listening for humans and she still has not seen me standing about 50feet from her.You can see that the gate is up to her face.

This is the gate that she just hopped across  It comes up almost to my shoulders. I had to laugh because it reminded me of my goats and some of the battles that we waged-me keeping them in the pasture and them knowing that everything looked better on the other side of the fence. LOL

Needless to say she heard me running to get my shoes so I could protect the garden and Off she flew once again. I may have felt rotten - but this visit sure did bring a smile to my face. A chance to enjoy a real live deer -and DH did not get to shoot her! I probably would not be laughing IF she had got in the garden and ate our beans just as they are starting to bloom. With groceries way too expensive in the grocery I am so hopeful that I might be able to can some things out of here.

I even managed to finish up my slacks and am very proud to have a new pair at least to wear around the house! But the excitement I shared with Mama Deer is still  so close to my heart!  : )


  1. That's so exciting to have a visit from that beautiful deer. The photos are great.

  2. How fun!!! We have been to the S. Hilton this weekend and we found out we have a baby deer on our land. We are so excited. I will put the picture on soon.

  3. Oh Wow, that deer is gorgeous... I hope your DH never gets the chance to shoot her.