Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over Coming Challenges

First it was the challenge of TIME. But Lynne had already taught me that people always find time for what they are the most passionate about. So, I watched others around me and studied how they pulled this off. For instance this morning after I had finished morning chores out doors , it was already 1pm , thus a Large part of my day was over.

But it was worth it this am because I had to build two bamboo stands for two of my cucumbers to climb UP on - instead of taking over the front porch. Then as soon as I finished that a WILD thunderstorm visited and it felt like we were being "bombed" by Mother Nature and the claps of thunder were really "ear-splitting".

When I came in I was Covered with good old ole fashioned SWEAT! I was Dripping wet like a water sprinkler! DH already had the air conditioning turned on and it seemed to be so cold that I was shaking and my teeth were chattering. He thought he had done a really good thing  for me. LOL

I went back out on the porch and put my tools away and then the temperature felt good.  A planter of my peppers were growing so heartily that the plants were falling over OUT of the planter , so we added more  soil and patted them down , hoping to keep them where they belonged.

By then I had cooled  down some and I came in and changed my clothes  to work in the house. I headed to the sewing room and woke up all of my machinery to work on another shirt front for my other son . I hooped up the fabric and plugged the embroidery machine into the computer -ONLY - to discover that the computer could not find the drive for the embroidery machine- GRRRRRR!!!!!!

 This is that lovely chard- I think it is about time for another mess.

Why does this modern technology seem to Hate me so much?????? I temporarily wanted to just "throw in the towel and call it quits." But I know Christmas is coming and I have to be hopping if I hope to pull it off.  So, I set to work attempting to troubleshoot the USB ports and it said they were all working properly-(Like they know anything!)

Not having any luck there I rambled around until I found my way to the drivers for them. I did not have a clue where they were located, but I figured that everything in here has to have something to "drive" it.LOL (don't I sound smart?????? ) LOL

           (This is that pineapple sage plant and I moved it to where I would brush against it on the porch because it smells Devin!!!!!!!!)(It is amazing how just returning your mind back to nature always seems to ease the pressure from a project gone wrong. : )

Finally I accidentally stumbled to where I find information on drivers (device manager) and that took me to my usb  to which I was instructed to UNinstall it! O gosh - could that be right. What if I unstall it and they are lost forever in outter space??? Well, they are not doing me any good the way they are -so I took a deep breath and uninstalled that booger - then clicked on action to scan hardware changes and windows detected the difference and and reinstalled the new driver  AND  - IT WORKED~ Now I could find place I needed to be - YIPEE!!!!!!

I had saved the design I wanted and before jumping in head over heels I checked out the size of the design and OF COURSE - it was the Small design and I had to resize it (Thank goodness I checked that ).  Now we are on our way - ????? {You know I could not have that good luck}   Right off the bat it started showing the bobbin thread on the front and white thread shows up really well when you are working with Black!

So that got  me onto wondering What Now????/ So I decided to look up adjusting the tension one more time. LOL  And , thank goodness that worked. But, it just goes to show that it seems there is Always another lesson coming at you somewhere. LOL

Just when I thought things were going to co-operate - all of a sudden it REFUSED to puck up my bobbin thread??????????????? This was definitely a New One for me. I tried starting over at the problem point several times and that got me NOWHERE! I pulled the bobbin out and  pulled some of the thread off of it - but - No Luck there? Next I grabbed my manual for the trouble-shooting section.No help there so I pulled the bobbin and removed the thread and then re-threaded a fresh new bobbin. NOPE! You can tell I am "on a roll" and its not the kind of roll I enjoy. It sewed about half an inch and the top thread is now shredded??? It is acting like when my son took it apart and fixed it because there was thread crammed into the top of the take up lever and of course it is hard for me to take it apart?????Let me just sing the "embroidery machine Blues"!

I go get a screw driver , only to get the wrong size. Grab the right size and remove the front cover and then the top cover over the take up lever.Yea, it hates me so instead of getting upset I gently tap all over the piece and then it gives one little hint that it is loose and it pops open. Yes, there is some of the thread I am using stuck in that grove. I get my hemostats and gently pull it out. I put back on the top half and re-thread leaving the front off so I can hope to see what is going on.

It starts off great and then as I let out a sign of relief - the thread breaks! : (   I decide to try one more time and it takes off and acts like it has some sense! Time to put the front cover back on and see if I can wrap this project up? It hates me too, so I gently wiggle and tap until it finally gives in and snaps into place. Yea! Time to change colors - wonder if that could have been the problem - I will just have to see.

I finish that color and move to the next and it seems to be going ok, except for a different sound that I do not like. Yep- sure as shooting it hangs and gives a death scream at me as the safety device function kicks in?
I HATE to be Screamed at - it does not matter if it is Man or Machine. I cut the thread and cut the bobbin thread and then gently lower the needle only to discover the needle is now bent and hitting the top of the needle plate!  Now WHY is it that I love machine embroidery???????????????

I replace the needle and gently lower it to see if it is hitting anything now , but it looks ok. I am getting so close to finishing - I end up still breaking the thread another dozen times in order to finish. The very last thread sews like there has been NOTHING wrong-probably because I have almost pulled All of my hair out. So, I wonder if you guys LOVE your hobbies too??????????? LOL

{Hard to see the little one , but she is on the right hand side, in flight}I do have to confess that I did finish the design and this one did like the last one when it came to not putting color in the bottom row on the flag part. I have been trying to locate where I got that design so I could ask them what I am doing wrong????? I don't know WHY this project had to be so difficult, but it is accomplished -so I will figure out what I do next.

  Maybe just take some time to enjoy the flowers! : )


  1. Your day sounds so much like mine! I wake up with all these plans just to see the day go by so quickly. If I have 6 things planned, I am lucky to get 3 accomplished. And so where did you get your bamboo??? I have a big barrel full of cucumber plants going everywhere!

  2. You have still done well today Linda, you must have green thumb as your plants look very healthy.

  3. Gorgeous busy day... you get so much done.
    Great that you managed to get that programme reinstalled!
    Clever tart you!