Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Biggest Boss

Has to be Miss Mocha! She is under the desk at the moment just chewing me out and it it in her high pitched bark for when she is not getting her way. LOL  I bought her a new chewie treat today and she INHALED it. They are suppose to be good for her teeth -but NOT all at once. LOL She knows I have them up here and she is just raising cain with me! LOL

We made it to DH's doctor today and got the best news we have had in 7 years - cancer in remission and everything good, except for some arthritis in the small of his back  , but  he can live with that.That came from his burns and the infection that has set in and ate a portion of his spine in to and they had to fuse it together. So, we do know where that comes from.

It was such wonderful news that I clapped  my hands for Joy! Now, I can get back on track for sewing .

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  1. So nice to hear your good news. I hope that your husband continues to feel well and that you get lots of quilting time in the next while.
    Warmest regards,