Sunday, July 10, 2011

Youngest Daughter-in-law's birthday

If only there could be more hours in a day?But there never seems to be enough for me. On Friday night it was 3AM when I collapsed in bed and then last night it was the same and still I was running behind. Today was my youngest daughter-in-law's birthday and I still had not finished the kitchen towels for her. I had just ran out of steam last night . After I did the morning chores - I started back on them. DH was itching to go , but I could not go any faster than the machines would run. I was VERY lucky because I did not make any boo-boos and the machine embroidered like a charm.

                                         (I would cook but'''I can't find the can opener)

I did learn a few more things - I got to play with the serger to make rolled hems again. I think this is my second time . It was fun. I amazed myself having such good luck removing the stitch finger on my machine? It makes a pretty rolled hem.

Another thing I learned was I paid 6.60 for the one yard of birdseye fabric and I got six towels from it. I sat thinking about it and realized that did not seem to be such a great deal???? That would be a dollar and ten cents each and you can get the cheapo's in the Dollar Stores for that price. Maybe I should have went that route?

We finally loaded up and took off late this afternoon and when we got to town we stopped at the Post Office and finally mailed the bills that we both kept forgetting to mail on the 4th????? I asked DH to call and make for sure that they were home. He did -and they were not. They were in the next town and had broke down. Something was leaking and there was water all over the front of the engine-so we took off up there. DH called Emmett and they talked and DH then stopped at the car parts store and picked up some Stop Leak -then they put it in the radiator and they added water to it to see if it would work?

While they were working on that end  I was playing with the grand baby and giving Meagan her kitchen towels. She thought they were cute and I thought Grandson was precious.Those little smiles just break a Grandmother's heart. I could tell that Meagan's back was hurting too. The baby weighs over 17pounds now and I think any mother can remember days of back pain.

I asked Emmett about his new doctor and he told me that he REALLy has HIGH hopes that this doctor can do something for his back. He said that the doctor told him Not to get his Hopes up too high because that disc has been on that never for 14 months now. He told him there is the possibility that he might wake up like a new man - or there is the possibility that it will take another year to see what happens. That  IF it should be successful  then Emmett could consider him a miracle - worker and they both would end up  Happy! Emmett  out of pain and the doc with a good reputation!

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  1. Well, just my opinion...I don't think you can put a price on your kitchen towels. Dollar store would not compare. I LOVE them! And I know all about that back trouble. Sweet Hunter has been to 4 Chiropractors just to be told that they can't help him, 4 epidurals, and a surgeon that says until he can't walk...then they would do surgery. This has been 3 years now. But he keeps going and going through the pain.