Monday, August 1, 2011

A Doctor Day

Today was definitely a "doctor day". When I was younger I used to wonder why I never got sick , except for strep throat every Winter. But now I miss that thought.

Our first stop this morning was for DH to have a growth cut off of his finger. He really liked the doctor because he was one that DH could "shoot the bull" with! Plus , also - the doctor played music while he worked. I told DH I had just read that different types of music had good advantages and one of them was that slower music helped to calm people and there fore reduce pain. So, that part actually did help.  The only negative part was that we had to wait 2 hours for them to call him in. I played chicken for a change and hide out in the waiting room to get to catch up on some of my reading.

He came out with a bandage on his finger and they said they would  send it off to have it tested , just to be on the safe side.

By the time we left there we made it to my doctor appointment. I did not have to wait any longer than 5  minutes so that was nice. I also love my young lady doctor and I tease her that sometimes I can actually see her wings.Plus, she has my Mama's first name and my middle name and  I can remember her name.

She did a regular check up and then I asked her to look at that dumb foot, which she did and instantly diagnosed it as a planter's wart. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had one of those things in high school because the girls had to take gym class and take showers together. But , I have not been to a beach of public shower???

We even talked about some home remedies and she had even heard of the 'duct tape". But she wanted to run it over with her supervisor and to my surprise he came back with her and they brought one of those bottles of "FREEZE" stuff-which they squirted onto a q-tip and then she held it onto the wart for a certain amount of time and then we both peeked at it . You could now see an indention in the center, so she said HOPEFULLY it should die  or fall out or what ever warts do in 2 days. I am sure looking forward to that so I can get back on my walks. My walks had actually helped my health so much . I had lowered my cholesterol on all counts, plus I had been taking some flaxseed pills .So, Yea- I got a good report. And they filled my antidepressant for 5 more months.So  I am good to go until November ! : ) I did not want to have to take any more pills and I worked hard to lower my numbers. That is the lowest it has been in the 15years I have been working on it.

Miss Mocha - up above is also showing improvement with her lyme disease. She is just like a human because some days are bad where she hurts so much and then sometimes she feels well enough to fuss with us.  She is a funny little Imp when she can ruffle up that little mouth and talk up a storm  and I get the biggest kick out of  it. She has about two more weeks of medicine for that lyme disease - uggg - I Hate that disease!

O, when we got back home this afternoon - would you believe that there was NO ELECTRICITY AGAIN. I was beginning think - everytime we leave the house - the electricity goes off. About an hour later it came back on and the fans felt so devine!

Tomorrow is suppose to be lovely and DH is hoping to fishing - and I am hoping that too! That way I can pick some more beans from the garden and also some corn for lunch . Then after I clean up the food mess I am hoping so badly that I can make it to my sewing room again. O SHOOT! I just remembered I am suppose to work on the bills! Crap! That means another MONTH has come again and I am never ready for it.

Well, I will  just do the best I can and we will see what happens. I want to wish you all the best for your new day also and maybe we will work a little magic to morrow.   : )

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  1. Pleased all went well for your DH and you. Also nice to see your wee furbaby feeling a bit better.