Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new chapter of our week is starting

I wanted to work on a tee shirt for one of the granddaughters , so I spent a while searching for a design that I thought she might like. I was thinking that the "hunting " was the hard part-BUT- when I first got every thing ready - I discovered that the embroidering is going to be the BAD part today. I had  just put the needle to fabric when it started off right out the beginning with the white bobbin thread coming to the top of the fabric. BOO-HOO-BOO - HOO I just want to cry ! ghleuejaj eoiua A few choice opinions for what I think about "fighting" another design. So, I guess the War is on and not the pleasure that I was hoping for.

I first changed out the bobbin thread to the better quality Sulky bobbin thread and I just had enough FAITH that would fix the problem right off the bat. hummmmm - WRONG!

I next changed the embroidery thread -hummm  -WRONG - now it is only the white thread showing! GRRRR

My next test is to work with the tension -I had researched online and many people offered this for a solution.Ok, I tested each tension setting that it had on it - and it made NO difference in the white showing?So, that is s dud.. No wonder I hear so many people quit embroidering -so many problems.

I did some more searching for help online and ran across the debate whether to use the same thread in your bobbin as you are sewing with-OR- that some people had discovered that there is a screw on your bobbin case that the factory tells you not to bother - but desperate people do desperate things , so I took out my screwdriver and checked to see IF there was a adjustment there. Sure enough there was and as I took it apart to check this out - I ran across a pile of dirt there , so I cleaned that out and put it back together - hoping that the accumulation of dirt there will fix my problem?I did not think that much dirt should be the problem as I had it to the dealer a few months ago??? I will check this out?
NOPE - that did not fix the problem-that white thread is really "smiling " at me.

OK- I GIVE UP for the moment and put green thread in the bobbin! Shoot- I really hate to do that because :1. It does not fix the problem -just covers it up and 2. because my entire project is not Green. I will hope that using the camo bobbin thread that it will somehow tell the machine to "get with the program" and it will accidentally fix the problem?

At first it did not even cover the green up-that white just wants to "haunt" me -shoot , why not - this day is Halloween and I got tricked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Would you believe that after completeing this very small part - the machine is  now telling me the bobbin thread has run out????????????????????????????? :(

Have you ever had "Just One of Those Days??" I take the bobbin to wind fresh green thread on and as it is whirling right along - I was attacked from the Side -as the thread jumped out of the trail it is suppose to follow and and winds around the post that holds the bobbin -as I scream and do a boogie - woogie dance!
I cannot even "Cheat" on the machine and get away with it! :(

All of a sudden the machine gives a big yank! and it says it has run out of bobbin thread AGAIN. AS I attempt to take the bobbin out and it has just a little bit of thread on there - that yank had also affected the bobbin thread and it is on there so tight that I almost have to take something and cut it off????

I think I am doing good but - this time the thread breaks. After I get it re-threaded I manually put down about few rows of stitches and then turn it loose on its own?

While I am waging this battle - I happen to catch a glimpse of Miss Rosie -

She is beside me on a tote -on her favorite rug- so much so that she is falling asleep with her little paws drawn up. I need to take a lesson from her - CHILL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would you believe that as I changed colors I cut the thread that I had just threaded????? After it finishes with that color - would you care to guess what the next color is????? White -of course ! I guess I will see if the green bobbin thread shows?Would you believe that only white shows - I guess the machine gave up the battle of the bobbin threads? Whoopeee ! The white sewed out perfect!

O Pooooh ! The bobbin is out again - and you know what that means-Wonder IF I should risk putting in a white bobbin? Well, right or wrong - I did and it worked perfect this go round. Yea! After a 4 hour battle I have completed my goal-without throwing me or the machine out the window-we both have lived to "fight another round"!

It really turned out much prettier than I had thought it would-especially after the battle we had to wage to pull it off???????

This pattern is a McCall's 3655 and my main gripe is that it does not have a neck band -you are suppose to just fold the fabric over and sew it down. This is the second time I have used it -hoping to iron out the wrinkles -but I still do not like it???Next time I will just cut out a neckband for it and see if that makes the difference to me????

Day is done and so am I- hoping everyone has had a lovely day and a better tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Days End

Boy - it sure looks like I worked them hard today, doesn't it? LOL  I am as tired as they look and the week is fast coming to a close and so you know I am going to say, "Where did it go So fast"? The only time I can think of time slows down is where you are waiting for a doctor visit -unless - you remember to take that book you have been dieing to start. :-)

The day has flown by because I have been chasing the minutes and when you are busy - they just fly away. I worked outdoors with the critters. Their building was cool - too cool for me . I looked and DH had not quiet finished it because deer season came along. The man lives and breathes to hunt -so this is the favorite time of year for him. I guess it would almost be perfect -IF - only he did not have to cut firewood.

I sure missed a good picture today , I was passing by a very old swing (metal guilder) that I have in the back yard that was my Mama's. As I passed I did a retake- sitting in the swing was Danny the female turkey. I knew if I ran for the camera that she would move -but she was soooo cute sitting there -just taking it all in.

We went to town for a minute and came home and DH hit the woods and I hit the living room trying to straighten up some and water my flowers and ran the Hann steam cleaner on the hardwood floors. That is certainly a wonderful invention! Makes those floors shine and kills germs too at the same time.

We had a bowel of the veggie soup today and it was delicious -DH had a peanut butter sandwich and I had a cheese sandwich  . I had mine on the Prairie Gold flour (it is a white whole wheat) and DH had his on a white loaf  - I am enjoying the bread maker. :)

Since I whine all the time about weekends flying by - a friend sent me this quote just a little while ago - and I love how it explains weekends:

Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.  ~John Shirley

Isn't that neat - all wrapped up and tied with a bow. ;-)

OK - so I got down to it and actually finished a project- Yea

I started with the top that I embroidered yesterday and that helps a lot to have it already embroidered. 

This is a xxxl shirt and I ALMOST made a couple of my mistakes that like to haunt me. I ALMOST sewed the sleeves on upside down - :) but I caught it and I was so grateful for that. :)

When you combine the shirt and the shorts - I think they are so cute. But, I am afraid she will not like the shirt - even though it is so cute - BUT - The knit fabric is SOOOOO stretchy I am afraid it will just fall off of her. This is the second piece of fabric like that I have played with. I had a blue piece last year and I made me a shirt out of it and Yes. - it wants to just walk off of your body.  Live and learn -and in my case - Forget it - and just try to do your best. :)

Good night to one and all ! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hump-day gone Again??????????

If only I could slow time down -but you know how that is.We got up early this morning because DH had to go back to the dentist because you get free adjustments -for a time period -and on the first pair he did not do that and regretted his decision - so this time on the permanent set they told him , not to be shy -come on and let them work on them to make them fit and not cause all these sores  that the first pair caused him - even down to this month -it made a year he had worked with them and he still had sores when he went for this new set.

We got up early and I had over looked the potato soup that I had made last night and it was still sitting on the stove. I asked him if we could just finish the soup off for breakfast so it would not go to waste and he was agreeable.Tasted very good too-filled up our tummies for the trip because we did not have money to eat on this time and I did not want to be hungry and get sick.

We made good time and got there in perfect timing because they do the adjustments at 10 AM and when he arrived there were only 3 in front of him and they took him in in ten minutes . That was nice.Then we decided to do a little sight-seeing as this place was in a very rural area. We ended up in a place called Bluefield and part of it was Bluefield , VA. and the other part was Bluefield W.Va. - I thought that was interesting. We ended up on a different road to come home and it was out in the mountains also where they have a Amish settlement -kinda where they all bought the top of a mountain  and it was so lovely from the way they had worked and made it a remarkable place. They had the most beautiful draft horses and their farms were lovely. As we were coming down the mountain we found the Amish store that our son had told us about . My daughter-in-law had bought me a bag of what I had called white whole wheat flour. I had read about it and knew that DH did not like the dark brown whole wheat flour - so I was hoping this might be a compromise and I could still get the good health results in him if he would like the taste.

It did turn out to be really nice and I love the taste and since DH has the slicer now he is able to cut nice thin slices of bread and we both like that , because when bread slices are too thick for us we get choked eating it.While DH went hunting I was able to do my chores and 3 loads of laundry and vacuum the house of my critter hairs. I even got to give all 7 of my furbabies baths for the month. I have tried every day to accomplish this goal and every day something would ruin it  for me. But we got it done and that pleases me. One thing I do not understand is every time I give the dogs a bath -they always Lose 3 times more hair than they were doing?

I did get to call a most beloved friend this afternoon to check up on her since the lose of her DH. I really Hated that . There is a book I saw one time that was titled , "Why bad things happen to good people" -I have not got to read it , but I remember the title. Maybe because we all know many good people going through rough times. Sure , we cannot fix it for them, but we can tell them that we love them and applaud their courage .

This picture is of a cactus that my sister-in-law gave me a sprig of last fall and it is already trying to get ahead of itself and remind me that Christmas is on its way. The plant behind it is an aloe that she gave me at the same time.

Well, I better hit the sack -DH is planning on going hunting in the morning and I hope that I can sew! :-)
That's me - always hoping ! :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dental Blues

We got up too early for me this morning so we could make the 2 hour trip to go to a dentist who is called Affordable Dentures and if you arrive early they will make your dentures in that one day. DH had to go because it has been a year since he got the temporary set and now it is time for  his permanent set.

They took him on back and a few others and I had been harboring the hope that I could have something done with this broken tooth in the front which just makes me hang my head in shame -hoping no one will see. But, that is not the "real me". The real me loves to laugh and so I miss that greatly.

When DH came out from the making process - he said it would be two hours and then he was suppose to come back pick his up. I was amazed that the waiting room was so empty because usually they are lined up out of the building -but today it only looks like about 30 people. I went and asked the sweet receptionist IF it was too late to have a "consulation visit" and she said no - so I signed up. I was beginning to think I could never make up my mind -if I did not have the knowledge how healthy my teeth were.

They took me back and had me stand up while this x-ray machine rolled around my head. This little girl was sooo very sweet and I can sure use "sweet" people when you are talking teeth.  Then she escorted me to another room with several chairs and they were very comfortable. A very sweet dentist came over to look at my x-rays and talk with me. I felt very comfortable with him to start with and that was a good sign for me. He explained how I needed to have that front tooth pulled no matter what I decided to do. They make partials in a hard plastic and they have one made in a metal that he said was light-weight and comfortable and that you can eat with them very easily. He said the plastic was cheaper - but they were not designed for the abuse of eating with them and most people who got them would have to take them out to eat with. He also said that it would give me 3 more teeth to help me eat better and take some of the strain off of the few top ones I have left. Well, he won my heart and I asked if he could do it today and he said yes to go back and turn the new paper work in to put me in order for the extraction. I had told him how terrified I was of dentists - but his sweet manners were helping me work with that problem and I wasn't trembling all over by the time I left his chair.

It was about a 45 minute wait and they called me back to a different room and I was the first one they put in the chair, but as minutes went on they filled the room with people to only have extractions.I was starting to get fearful again so I started sending up prayers for help, and I started to relax more because I had this picture in my head of this nice dentist and he had told me that they were really gentle and that I would see.

So, a few minutes later I heard footsteps and around stepped -the other dentist- not Dr. Noel - but this was the owner of the business -Dr. Doyle. He got the needle and was very gentle and that first injection was not so bad and I was thinking good thought -but he gave a second injection on the back side and you could feel the medication flowing in there and then all of a sudden it felt like it had hit a tunnel up to my nose and wham - it was in there. He went and did another person so he could keep us going like an assembly line.

He came back and got his tool and latched onto my poor broken tooth that has given me so much headache and it felt like he had hooked me up to a car and told it to take off at full speed. I was beginning to think I would not be able to hang onto the chair and then all of a sudden it sounded like a rifle went off in my head -he regrouped and wham and I was now seeing stars-but it was out. He and the assistant was looking and he asked her if the tooth beside that one was like that before ??? I was wondering -like what????? So, he gave me a mirror and asked if my other took was also broken? I was trying to look through all these pretty stars to see what he was referring to? The problem tooth was gone -but the tooth beside it now had half of it missing too.  :-(  I told him no it was not like that when we started. You could see the bad emotions on his face and my heart was pounding as he angerly said , well! he would pay to have it fixed and that was caused by a defective filling and that I would have to have it fixed before I could get the other stuff done and off he went.

I was not mad at him -but I was kinda broken hearted that I was trying to get all of this dentist work accomplished -partly because of my fear - and partly because of money. And here I was now facing another dentist and another procedure.You guys know what I mean  - who loves to go to the dentist? I told DH that having the money up front was going to be a problem -both for the partial and for the broken tooth. I am wondering IF another dentist will be able to fix it?

We did ride to a little country market and an hour later I took the gauze out . Then it REALLY started hurting - pounding -making me want to cry. We went back for DH to pick up his set and I got some toilet tissue and held on the hole and the tooth beside it.  It seemed to ease it a little bit if I held it against the tooth beside it that was now complaining .I guess teeth are like humans - if someone beside you gets something special -you think you need to also . :-)

Of course it dribbled blood all the way home and I found a pain pill in my pocket book that I carry for the fibromyalgia. All the way home I reminded myself to NOT drink from a straw and NOT drink any pop that fizzes -Because I have had a dry socket before and that is one thing I NEVER want to have again. NEVER!

AWWWWHHHH - It is SOOOOOOO nice to finally make it home - somewhere that I can "lick my wounds" in private. I did go in and work on making DH and I a pot of potato soup! He got a big kick out of that because he had been hinting for some potato soup all last week and now because I have this gaping hole -nice soft potato soup sounds soothing.

He decides that he just wants to take off and so some hunting and I decide that I will just go outdoors and do evening chores . Boy, the day is absolutely Magical -all these colors and the air smells SOOO clean  and "Autumnly"!!!!!!!!! You know - that kinda Woodsey smell?

But , one thing I do know - my animals are my sanity . Miss Danny has found her favorite spot to roost during the daytime. She is so cute and so funny- she makes me think of my kids when they were little - you know how they are so cute and sweet all wrapped up into one little person. She helps take my mind back off the fact that that tooth hole is starting to pound once again. So, I smile a thank you to her for all the funny antics that she can sure put on  and take you away from your misery for a while.

Of course , Miss Henny Penny the guinea fowl has to come running over and jump on the roof on another little building and start to give me Her two cents worth. She is so good at that job. When I was a little girl my Dad always HATED guineas - he said they made too much noise -SO- one of the first things I did once we got moved her was go get me some guineas. I love them as much as he hated them .

She was SOOO funny yesterday evening . Two of my guinea pigs were out in the yard and they got into a fight. (If you have never met a guinea pig - they have a very short -stubby little tail) These two were really going at it and I was headed in that direction to break them up -just like you would kids. All of a sudden there was a flash of feathers and Miss Henny descended right where they were having at it and SHE grabbed the bigger ones tail and pinched it as hard as she could! LOL - That was so funny and the pigs went up under the dove house and Miss Henny was peeking up under there with her little head trying to give them another pinch! I thought I would laugh myself silly.

I really was pleased that DH went hunting - that makes him happy and it also makes me happy as I can finish off those pants project.  All I had left was putting the elastic in the casing around the waist. Even that wanted to give me grief. The elastic did not seem to have as much stretch as I thought it should and I had made the casing a smidging tight in a couple of places - but after a half hour debate - I think I won the argument and I think they look neat.

Then taking the picture even gave me a fit. I bet I took 15 pictures or more and each time they came out all blurry. I finally just gave up and went and changed some settings that I had never touched before and got to finally get a picture.

I really liked this stretch denim . It was nice to work with and removing cat hairs off it is a dream - plus -it does not wrinkle and it just falls back into place. I sure hope she will like them as much as I hope she will. :-)

Well, my tooth-hole is starting to pound again and I can hardly keep my head up - so, I you guys happen to find a spare head on your lawn - you will know I could not bear it any longer -so I was forced to chop the head off and toss it away!

Love to one and all and have a happy evening. :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Race Is On

Well, that is what it seems like when the first of the week always seems to fly out of the house and the next thing I know - it will be the weekend . But, I want a chance to enjoy each moment - instead of feeling like a rocket shooting out of the sky .I think I would like to be more like the sun - just take my good ole time climbing up into the sky to make everybody and all the plants so happy to see me. Then be able to enjoy each moment as I travel across the sky-so slowly.

This morning we got up early and grabbed a bit to eat and then we were off the the Fancy Gap Pottery and Fabric. I was on the search for elastic. Every where I had looked it cost an arm and a leg . When we came through the door I could see they were having a flannel special -3.00 a yard and they were so pretty. Of course when I do some many different ones I have to make sure to get different designs so nobody can say that somebody snitched theirs and keep conflict down.  OF COURSE the next 3 tables  were 3.99. I did ask what was the difference and she said that the 3.00 flannel was a flat fold , so I gave up my wild idea to just go crazy and regret it later.

BUT ! I did get my elastic : it was 20 yards x .25= 5.00
                                          it was 20 yards x .10= 2.00 and .35 cents for tax to equal 7.35 for 40 yards of elastic.  So, I was a happy camper and now I have the elastic to put in my sister-in-laws shorts. Of course I still need the fabric to do the lounge pants . I am just so afraid of flannel after all that mess last summer when the flannel just ripped out on all the young people's pants. I have considered some type of knit and have seen some cute that would probably work. So, I am just straddling the middle of the  road right now - undecided for sure right now??????

We ran into some of the hardest rain coming home and Wind that almost blowed DH away when he tried to put gas in the vehicle. It was 2.63 there and at home it was 2.68. Then we came on home and started working . Maybe it is that "working" that helps time fly away????  I did get to run the vacuum the house and do the dishes and do a laundry and wash my hair because in the morning we have to get up WAY too early for me -because DH has to go get his new , permanent dentures. It is a two hour drive and they open at 7AM and first come - first serve. I had hoped that I could get a consultation about what to do where my front tooth broke. It looks horrible and I am not smiling nearly as much as I would if  it was not broke, and I hate that because I fear that people will think I am snobby. But, I am just so embarrassed and lacking the big bucks that it cost these days to have dental work done, but I do drool over those nice implants that just screw in . I guess I will just have to drool a while longer . :-)

Gosh, our day turned out to be so beautiful - it is dark and still 65 degrees. I do Love this beautiful weather.They said we are about ten degrees warmer than normal - and that suites me to a tea! I hear my great white hunter coming in so I will bid you farewell. .

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Success?

A new chapter starts today on this first day of our week. I had run across this brown denim fabric that I had put up to keep safe??? Safe from me that is . LOL  I have laid the two pieces of the legs out so I can hopefully figure out which is the front and which is the back because I want to embroider something on it.

After much dilly - dallying around I just decided to take the leap of faith. This fabric is so nice to work with -but today it is my serger that I am calling the war machine -because all it wants is to have war with me. For some reason everything looks perfect until I would tug on the stitches and then they would stretch out a lot-not pretty on dark chocolate color - for your boo-boos to show up that loud!I even tried working with the needle tension and that did not help a bit. Poo! It just thinks it's smart because I will use the serger to make the lines nice and clean and then I resew it with the regular sewing machine ! Takes me twice as long - but at least it looks nice.

DH came and got me a couple of times to help him hold doors and mark places to cut. His little stove hut is making great progress and now he is gone in the back to check on deer signs for tomorrow. HuMMM? Maybe if he really goes hunting - I will be able to work on some more of those gloves for him. I think it is so neat that I can make use of the scraps of knit left over from my project to make him something that he can use to. :-)

I do not have any elastic to finish them off- but I am quiet pleased with myself because I think they look nice and crisp. They are an xxxl size and  -then I have hopes of making a shirt to match them .So - YEA!!!! I made a little progress today! Whoopeee!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Tractor & Sewing Pants?

I almost got a nice early start after I had cleaned up our breakfast . DH went outdoors to work some more on the "stove Hut". I ran the vacuum and then made it to the sewing room. I have discovered that developing a plan is almost the hardest part. You know, after you have completed a project -it seems like you have wiped your slate clean , but then what would be the smartest thing to do next?

I studied and thought and was not getting anywhere - then I started putting things in their place and as I picked things up that lead me to my next project.

This is a piece of brown stretchy denim that I caught on sale last year. I had already made my sister-in-law a pair of capri pants last Christmas from a blue piece. Of course I got them a little bit too snug-and she asked me to add a couple inches to the next pair. Since I only got 2 yards of the brown I have to change them to longer shorts in order for me to get all the pieces cut out?

I missed out on this picture. Darn it -guess I should have held my breath  ! But, this is attaching the pocket pieces.  I was actually starting to make good progress - I was so proud- everything was starting to fit together like it should. I was trying to figure out IF I should add an embroidery trim to them and where I should place it - BEFORE I sewed it all up and then had to take it apart again. But I was feeling good about this project and could feel my confidence start to rise.(Don't you hate to get to that part and then ?????) Then DH showed up and needed my help again on the stove hut! Yea, I know - I totally adore him - but when I get interrupted - I seem to loose my Mojoe!

After I helped him for a while and then I went to work on the days chores and by then it was getting late. We came in and ate beans and sandwiches . Then we both came back outdoors and I locked up the chickens and he went back to work on the hut.  I was getting tired , but had grabbed my camera when he had gone down the hill to drag a tree up to the hut for him to cut it up. He drags it with his tractor that he dearly loves- his little John Deere.

This is one of the trees that fell down in a storm this Summer. It was covered in poison oak - so he left it lay -hoping it would die out. I told him he needed to wear some gloves because he breaks out like crazy if he even looks at the dumb stuff. All of the mess around him is where he is working on two different projects . He had tore down a building  and is using the material out of that one building to make two for us. One half he added on to his hunters shack and the other part is going into the "stove - hut". We keep dragging all of the work materials back and forth and up and down the hill as he cuts the sizes he needs.

Here he is turning in a circle to drag the tree up so he can take his chainsaw to it. Another nice thing about the little hut is because of all the glass doors we added  the hut is looking like the perfect place for me to start my plants in the spring and that is a VERY good thing to me! :-)

I came back in and looked at the sewing project and knew I was in trouble because I was back in my "fibro flog" -and I was so tired and I think we all know when you are too tired that you make bigtime  mistakes and then I would have to spend more time ripping everything out. So, I believe that I will call it quits and then hope for a fresh start  in the morning ?

Our weather is suppose to be nice for the next week with rain on Monday. I have lots of hope for things to accomplish  - like some more presents and finish digging the potatoes.

O, one thing that happened today was I had put DH a bread mixture in the bread machine and then I could smell it . UMMM - it smelled SO good. But I left it to cool down while we were working outdoors. It was almost dark when I remembered it , so I went to remove it to take it up to his slicer-because it does a perfect job. WELL - the bread certainly was not perfect and DH would not get even one piece ! The top of it looked like a puddle of glue and the the last half of it looked like flour that had been crushed by a bulldozer because it was still white flour -but it felt like a white cinder block????? I Had never seen anything like it before????? Sometimes I just Amaze myself with my boo-boos! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wonder Why?

Have you ever noticed that we each have 24 hours in a day -but how that time affects us is so different . I have heard people say :"I am SOOO Bored"!  And then I wonder how in the world can they feel that way -when there are so many adventures that we each can have and share and it is difficult , if not impossible to cram one day's adventure into one little 24 hour time frame?

I guess I was pondering the Time Quandary - I came to realize that my day is almost over once again - and no matter how I try - I just cannot get it all accomplished. Today was my "critter day" and after that we went to the mill for critter groceries. That was my idea , even though we had not run out of feed - but tomorrow starts some kind of hunting for DH - and I did not want to bother him later in the week , from something he loves.

By the time we arrived back home I was already tired. I do not understand how Just Riding in a Vehicle can make you SOOOO tired-but it does for me. We came in and changed back into our work clothes and grabbed a bit to eat and then hurried out to unload the truck and do evening chores. I was so tickled to get fresh chicken eggs when I went to lock everybody up. What a nice gift that was. :-)

Then DH went to cut us a little wood for tonight (they are calling for our first freeze tonight )  I grabbed two baskets and headed to the potato patch. I was making good progress and had two baskets ready to put on the little trailer. We carried them to his hunting shed and poured them out on the floor for them to dry.

By the time I wobbled back to the house I was pooped -so- I curled up in my chair with a light blanket . My furbabies came to share space with me and they were nice and warm -so that felt good. Finally I could move so I came in the sewing room just to spend time with you. The computer was winking to tell me about the freeze tonight -so that was how I know. When DH went out to check the stove I managed to get two more pair of the gloves cut out -but sewing them will have to wait until he is not in the house. ;-)

So, I guess that is my big sewing accomplishment for the day. I guess I cannot accomplish what I want the way I want  - so I have to break some of it down in steps. You know Christmas is just around the corner so we have to do what ever ever we need to to accomplish our goals .Right now I better hop up and go put the potatoes somewhere safer. We had intended to put some in an insulated bin , but when we opened it - there was some kind of hard shell - little stink bug- and they were EVERYWHERE in the bin and we were afraid to trust out hard work to that condition-- so I better go figure out that problem. :-)
love to one and all!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Flys By! In More Ways than one.

Hello Everybody!

Have any of you about blowed away today? Sheeezzzzzzz! The wind took on a life of it's own and "dusted " everything in sight and then some. I ran out and grabbed my one last flower this morning as I saw it skate across the porch. :-)

I believe that dreams of sewing tried to go with it because our outdoor wood stove broke down. One of the circulatory pumps went out and we lost our heat because the hot water could not circulate. I was on the phone and on the computer all morning long. Definitely not my favorite way to waste a morning.

Next I fixed a batch of pumpkin cupcakes to munch on and I fixed DH his venison and gravy and the dogs some cheese treats. By then I was so pooped !

I wanted to go lay down -but I also wanted to work on me a pants pattern? The slacks won out and I found one pair that I really like and they fit decent -so I am working on making a pattern from them??? Not as easy as I hoped it would be - probably because I am such a "drunk - cut-er-out-er! But, I am going to give it my best shot!

Well, my first shot was not successful?  I was serging along and wondering why in the world the line I was stitching down the leg went to buck - jumping all over the place???? That did not make any sense at all to me??? That was UNTIL - I was finished and realized that I had now sewed two "bumpy" seams -Caused by not having my knife engaged and the fabric was kinda of curling up on itself -until it just got to thick to ignore - so I went to bucking to let me know something was Wrong????

I thought it would be "Smart" to just complete the second leg like that one and Maybe they would at least -Match??? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because now the second leg seam did not match when I arrived at the waste-band????? I now had 3 pieces that did match up and one that did not ????? WELL _ - - -   I Just Love to RIP things out and that is one thing I am so good at - maybe I will subconsciously sew it wrong again - JUST for the thrill!  :-)  NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

On the other hand, maybe I won't ????? I think that was enough of a thrill and now I have two legs -so I just have to turn one inside out and insert it into the other one and sew the mid seam???? Wonder how that will go???????

Well, it turned out half decent - I think that will work just fine. But ! (You knew there had to be a but-didn't you)  But - I just discovered that I had used up all of my elastic???????????? I looked everywhere just making sure -but no - I really had used it all up.

The only other mistake I think I made was they were about 3 inches too short -so I added that on to my pattern. I had trouble with the fabric wanting to do the hoochey-koochey! on me and the legs are a little crooked -but still better than any other pattern I have used up to date? So, I guess the day was not a total loss because I did learn a little something. Every piece of fabric that I us always presents a lesson new to me. SO , I hope I have a "happy brain:! :-)

I also got me a loaf of bread made from the white whole wheat flour and then DH took it to his electric slicer and did a perfect job. That was one thing that we did not like when I was making bread before - we wanted our slices to be nice and even - like store-bought. So, maybe we have succeeded . LOL

I hope everybody is looking forward to a wonderful week-end - they just fly by too fast. :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Little Bit!

I Hate to get this way - when life just steals all of your precious time every day  - just to deal with "stuff". But this morning I decided to just rap on the head of "life" and sneak a little "fun" in before he knew what hit him! LOL I came flying in and cut all the threads on the serger - so I could quick tie the new color to the old color and then pull them all through and Voila - the machine was threaded and ready to go. I took down that little burp cloth that had pulled loose all around the side when I had washed it to get rid of the stabilizer from the design. I realized that I had put the wrong color of green on, but decided just to let it be. I disabled the knife and then just serged around the mess and then when I was finished - it looked as good as new. But, still it worries me because I do not want that to happen to the others after they use them and wash them???I am beginning to think that me and flannel were just not meant to be?????

The flannel on the  back side of this was what came loose. Now it is all back together and I expect it to behave its self!

The REALLY good news is that while I was on a search this morning - I uncovered a book that I had treated myself to last year and maybe now I will find time to enjoy it! I Totally LOVE my serger and I know it has Many more uses than what I use it for - so I am hoping to gain some more knowledge of how to do that!

One thing I have fallen head over heels with is over at Maria's blog :
. It is on her Saturday post and it is a little angel -all from scratch and I am madly in love with her - err- them - O shoot --- both the creator and the creation! She is SOOO cute !Isn't it neat when something like that pushes your buttons and you feel that wonderful surge of creativity and it makes you feel so alive!  Isn't it wonderful to have all of our virtual friends that we can laugh and love and share this wonderful world with! It is so true - that my friends all hide in my computer! :-)  So, thank you - to everyone of you for taking the time to share of yourself with each of us.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Is Done

This has been a strange day - and even now down to the picture? It was almost dark outside and for the first time since I have owned this camera - it has a FLASH!  Instant daylight!  LOL

Somehow -BOTH - DH and I wore each other completely out.  I had been washing dishes and cleaning up morning messes when I realized that it had taken me 3 hours and it was now time to feed DH again????  I put the small pot of beans on to heat and fixed him a peanut butter sandwich and me a cheese sandwich and that was lunch and then I went to cleaning up the same messes All over again.

Then DH needed my help holding and pulling and pushing -as he wrestled a store door going up on the wood stove hut and a piece of the roof.  He got all flustered and I got all sad -but some of it got accomplished. While he was cooling off - I did critter chores  - and then came back and helped some more. While he was side tracked I tiptoed away and headed to the potato patch and dug another row of potatoes . These were the prettiest I think we have ever had. By the time I had accomplished that -he was coming to take a break because we both were now - two dead ducks!  He brought the little trailer on the 4 wheeler and we put the basket on the trailer and it was all I could do just to climb onto the 4 wheeler . I was so tired I did not know If I had enough strength just to hold on! He pulled up beside his gun room and he picked up the basket of potatoes and I went to open the gate !!!!!!!!! Yea- a bee did not want me to open it and the next moment I was hopping around ooooooing and aaaaaaing  and DH looking at me like I had lost my mind!!!!!!

I told him I had to go to the house and get some ice to put on it. Jeepers -those things HURT! I had cold chills running all over me -but I was still breathing so I knew it was not a hornet-thank goodness! I wrapped the ice in a old tee shirt an curled up in my chair and whimpered to myself. Then DH came in and he has hurt his back doing all of this work - so we are both pretty miserable.

It was time for supper and I had put a potato casserole in the crock-pot and Had fixed fresh bread in the bread machine so that was what we had and we were lucky to have that! I was suppose to find him some venison with gravy -but that will have to wait. I was not wild about the casserole -but he Loved it and that pleased me!

We sat and rested for about half an hour and then he went back to do something before the rain starts here they are calling for.  He did take a 10 minute power nap and that always perks him back up and I ran out  and snapped the pictures of the day ending.

Then I went out and locked up all of the chickens and closed up the critter room .

 This is the hill behind our house and if you look almost in the center -just a tad to the right - that little light you see is the moon peeking through the trees to tell me day is done.

When I was tiny that meant it was almost time for bed. I can remember visiting with some of Mama's friends and they would light their kerosene lanterns and sit in the parlor and chat. I think that was so nice -before the invention of electricity and televisions because people did talk to each other - not just sit and star at the "Tube"!

As for me I think I must have "SEWERS BLOCK" - I have set down with my notes of the presents that I have already made and the ones I yet have to make and am trying to conjure up Inspiration! But, I do believe that my inspiration is So Tired it cannot do its job!

Well, in this "lull" -this might be the perfect time to re-thread the serger and see if I can fix that burp cloth that I had washed to get the water stabilizer out of it and the silly thing had pulled loose from the serger edge! I was very MIFFED at it for doing that.

I have got to figure out what to work on for my youngest son -who is 27. I only have him one little shirt so far! I have decided that sewing gifts is a lot like buying gifts. When we were buying gifts and going to flea markets and such trying to find the perfect gift at the perfect price and we would end up with a mixture of different people's gifts -but it seemed that someone always got more and someone always got less until I took stock of it . The same truth is showing up in sewing - I find different ideas that just fit each individual and then end up stuck with a few that have been left out ??? Time is getting short - so I need to get my act together. :-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

I find myself in a "pickle" once again

I decided to sew for a little while this morning and give the day a chance to warm up a little while DH was working on the stove house(catchy little name , isn't it??)) LOL  Would you believe that I spent two entire hours just looking for my project! Two hours and still hoping to find it. I want to go back to the set of sheets that I was working on my my brother and sister-in-laws! That was what I was working on when the embroidery machine decided it had to go to the Machine Doctor! Now that I have it back and it is suppose to be "good to go" - I was hoping to see if it really is! The only problem is that I cannot remember what I had done with it. I can remember I was working with it on the embroidery machine table and had even embroidered a hummingbird on some part of it????

Normally when life interrupts so rudely like that I usually just grab the project and lay it in the tote that is under my table . That way it is protected from all the dust and critter hairs - AND- maybe a few human hairs too!
My sewing room is not that large-maybe 8 x 12 and I have gone through every little space in here and NO SHEET SET!  Matter of fact I have pretty well messed up the entire house digging and looking and hoping -even so much that I found a pair of Scales that I had lost a good two years ago!  Of course that is because we bought a new set from our Goodwill shop. I always say it is just like Insurance when you cannot find something and when you Have to go buy another - That little lost sheep - always shows up then! LOL

I did finally give up and go outdoors to carry the pigeons back outdoors to their pen. They are starting to get the "Hang" of this new adventure. Some of them are acting like they really are not as disgusted as others are. Some are just walking into my hands and yet the "young trouble-makers" like to run fast and then take those little wings and slap me as hard as they can! I can't blame then - interrupting their life like this??? I am beginning to think that I might just leave them out tonight ? The last time this happened almost two years ago - once I had set that live trap - they did not return for some reason????? So, I am hoping that means that I am not going to see the evidence of his visit for another year and a half!!!!!!

I was working on chores and helping hubby a little as he is working on that little hut. I caught his head turned and went to the garden. We have not got our potatoes dug yet and I decided if I could just work on a little of them at  a time -it would help. I did manage to dig up 3/4 of one row and get almost a bushel before I just plain gave out. Not like the younger version of me where I could have done the entire plot! I am trying to learn to pace myself  and it is just challenging! I uuuuuu - hoooed and he brought the four wheeler with the trailer and carried us back up to his shop. I told him I wanted to dry the potatoes some first ,but I did not want the chickens to find them - so he poured them out in his gun room. We are going to "test" these -because I have a "insulated potato bin" and we want to see how long -or even if the potatoes will keep in there ????

By then I was Pooped so we came to the house and ate a bowel of pinto beans. Daughter-in-law 1 brought us a bag of white whole wheat from an Amish store  last night and I was dieing to see how the bread would turn out- you know - still have all the good qualities of brown whole wheat - but some advantages of white bread. It turned out very nice -so I had a sandwich of that with cheese on it. It sure did satisfy my hunger very quickly?

Now DH has gone back to his building and I am back on the hunt for those dumb Sheets! Hummm??? I am having a wild thought - let me go check it out???? I can't do no more than be Wrong Again! :-)

O I do NOT BELIEVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found them - whoopeeeeeeee!!!!  I keep the little embroidery machine in a tote when I am not using that one - SOOOOO - when it messed up and had to go to the machine doctor  -the tote was empty - and I tossed that project all nice and safe and sound into the tote that the machine usually occupies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O My ! I am so thrilled - I might just have to do some-kind of a Jig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, let's see what kind of trouble I can get into!!!!!!!!

Well, it does not take me long to get into trouble! It did not take long. I laid the pillowcase out and tried to line it up just like the first one -only to realize that I had now - LOST THE SECOND PART OF MY HOOP! :(
You know, I had read about people even losing their jobs due to the fibromyaliga and the effect it has on your brain - and I do SOOOO believe it. You can look something right in the eyeball and still it does not registure.
DH came in for a chat and I told him what I had done and as I raised the pillowcase to show him only one part of the hoop was there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Yep -there was the other part of the hoop still together!

So, to move right along with living with my friend , Mr. Fibromyalgia - I put the pillowcase back onto the embroidery machine - ONLY to realize ( THANK GOODNESS for REALIZE!!!!!!!!! ) that I now had the pillowcase - upside down from my first one!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank Goodness my guardian angel was looking out for me !  I bet that is one "Wore out Angel " at the end of a day !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sooo - I start the project - only to discover it is pulling the white bobbin thread onto the top and it is not suppose to do that???? SO, my next idea is to use topthread in the bobbin like my #1daughter-in-law does so mistakes do not show. WRONG! Now it starts building a nest of thread underneath. Just in time DH comes in and needs me to come raise a wall and it sounds almost like a good idea at the time. :-)

Along the way he tells me that although they told me it was the bobbin thread causing some of my problems -they had put the thread I  had on the machine back in the bobbin case-so my "EVIL " thread was still haunting me!

Make it back to the house and go right straight and put the new good thread on . My next dilemma is trying to make the placement of the design match up with the first one. No easy matter for me today? I decided I was going to trash the extra pillowcase that came with the set and it now becomes my test sheet. First thing I do is turn it backwards and the next is up side down?????  Welllllllll - this machine does not show the picture of which changes you have made .

Well, you know how it is - Just jump right into it again - Humm? If I keep on Jumping they will just not have any pillow cases for their bed???? : -) I do believe that it is happy with this bobbin thread and that makes me VERY happy.

I have said that sewing is just like puzzles - as long as you can work upside down and right side up - you should have no problems . LOL - But , I cannot do puzzles - unless we count the first grade wooden puzzles - I like them ! LOL

 Well, here they are - all finished and time to get these birdies wrapped - so I can move onto the next present.  Merry Christmas to all

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday sewing lessons to start the week off ?

When I got up this morning DH told me that he had done all the morning chores and I should go sew.Tells me that he knows I really did get sick yesterday evening and he knows some time sewing will help straighten me out. So, I throw caution to the wind and come pick up that pair of pants that were giving me such a fit.

Since I had sewn that waistband in twisted I decided to start that right off the bat while I am fresh. I cut the band in half and sew that together and I do GET IT RIGHT this time - but - waist is now Too tall - matter of fact it is so tall that it meets where my bra strap is? Makes me feel like an old television show where one of the little boys was called Erkle and all of his pants came up under his arms.

I stand in front of the mirror and try to figure out what would be the best way to go??? I could cut the waistband off and redo that - OR - I could work on another project and hope that would strighten me out. I have read somewhere that it is a challenge to find the perfect pants pattern -and for me  - I believe it.?????? O ! And not only problems with the patterns - also each fabric has its own set of challenges to try to learn-kind of like being 5 years old and being thrown in grade school with all different children that you have to met and learn about and they are all so different ????

O, lets not forget that each of us has a different body build with parts that we like to accent and parts that we definitely DO NOT like to accent. :-)
Hummm? The longer I set here thinking the more I lean toward ripping that band off and trying AGAIN????

Well YES! That is what I did and YES, that did help. IF ONLY I DID NOT HAVE -"thunder-thighs"! !!! And I have more fat on one thigh than I do on the other- I bet NO BODY else has that quality???? I noticed it last year and at first it scared me to death - I thought there was some kind of cancer growing-but after I calmed myself down and took another gander at it-it is just plain old more fat ????? :-)

One of the qualities of this knit fabric is that it is nice and soft and it is also warm to be so light. But it is a little clingy so it accents my "thunder-thighs" - UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( But I will get some good use out of them-one advantage to learning lessons is that it gives you clothes to wear while learning . LOL I am still learning that I think there are as many differences to knits as there are people who use them. I think I am a long way from being "out of school yet".  LOL

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Evening Going Down

It started out as a beautiful Saturday - We ate and I headed to the sewing room while DH headed out to work on the tiny room over our stove. I had the tan fabric that my friend had shared with me so I attempted to finish the pair of slacks I had cut out . I knew that I ALWAYS sewed pants together Wrong - So, this time I was very careful - remember that saying - measure twice - cut once. :) I actually got the two legs sewed together right and that really pleased me-matter of fact all of the sewing went wonderful ,Until - I tried them on before I hemmed them - Only to discover that they were now a mile too big. I could take that as a compliment -OR - disgust that I had muffed another pair of pants. :(

I decided to cut them apart and try again - which I did - and this time they came out very good. I now had hope! : ) I even used the blind hem stitch and it worked great. I should have known that would mean something had to go fishy along the way. :)

I was down to the elastic for the waiste -I got the casing for the waiste in and carefully threaded the elastic through-looking good - I was even being so very careful not to get the elastic twisted. I wrestled with it as I tugged and sweet talked- and then I finally sewed the two end pieces together -making it look very neat this time! I was smiling as I studied it and smoothed it out -ONLY - to discover I had let it get twisted! :( I just could not believe it.

I decided not to waste my time unclipping the thread holding the elastic together - so I cut the elastic and tried this route once again. Ever so carefully and this time when I sewed the two pieces together I was not Quiet so neat. This time I smoothed it all out smooth so I could sew the hole up where I had inserted the elastic -opps??????????????? What did my eyes behold ???????? I could not believe it - Yes, I had sewed them together twisted once again! I decided that it was time to take a break before I hung myself with my elastic!

It was now past lunch-time so I went out to do the chores and check on DH . At least he was making progress because he was not running in and out of the house. I feed all the critters and then drug in a cage that I put the pigeons in to take them back outdoors to their pen so they could eat and drink and stretch their wings. I checked the trap and nothing had touched it. Darn it.

I went around to check on DH and offer to help. We went in the back to where we had stored a sliding glass door a couple of years ago and it was actually still there. This one piece of the sliding door is SOOOOOO Heavy that it takes ALL of our strength to just drag one piece of it onto our little trailer that is only about twelve inches off the ground. I bet this door weighs 300 pounds. I walk back with 3 of our dogs that had traveled back there with us.

DH is very talented at backing that little trailer anywhere and it took us a few minutes of thinking how we could finaggle the trailer as close as he could to make handling that door as little as possible -because it is a man-whipper! We finally did manage to ease it down into the space that awaited it and got it screwed into place. I told DH that I liked it because maybe that would be the place where I could start my garden plants in the Spring??????

Then we went and pulled over one of the doors we had just brought home . DH was talking about cutting it off to make it shorter - but we both realized that it would fit the door on his little hunting space he is still working on. It took us about 45 minutes just to drag it up and install it. These heavy doors are killers~

Next we pulled another one of the doors and set it on blocks so DH took his saw to it and now it will fit on the corner space. Drag and strain and pull and tug . My body is now complaining Loudly! I told DH that I was going to have to quit and he looked so shocked and wanted to know why??? LOL  I wanted to tell him Old Age Itis! LOL I held the doors for the last few screws and then I went and locked the chickens up and then I went and rounded up the pigeons and DH helped me carry them all back into the building and I made sure the trap was still set!

By now I was past exhausted -what ever affect that has on a body that has fibromyalgia and CFS- but I barely had enough strength to make it in the house and curl up in my chair-then realizing I was chilling . I did not think I had the strength to get up and wobble over to the blanket , but when you think you are freezing to death -it is do or die. With blanket in hand I ease back into my chair and 3 of the pups come share the chair with me -which suites me perfectly because they are WARM with body heat.

That is the end of me for the next 2 hours - I cannot move and I am freezing under 3 pups and a very warm blanket. When  this miserable experience wears off - I finally start to warm up , but getting up is so miserable because all of my joints scream in pain-but I tell it to just "get with the program"!

So, now is time to blog and then go to bed . I am hoping a night's sleep and I will awaken to try one more time -the battle of the elastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who would think that anybody would have that kind of relationship with elastic. ?????????????????

Looking for a wonderful new adventure for each of us! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Friday Adventure :)

O My! I am SOOOO Tired I want to drop (hopefully in bed) We have been on the move all day long - maybe that is why we have 24 hours in a day. If they were like roll-over minutes we would never get to stop. I used to say IF I did not have to eat or sleep - I would be able to accomplish sooo much more and if I did not have to eat - that would save some money -so I could buy more sewing supplies . :)

I had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast this morning -LOL - I finally got old enough to get to do that . LOL And it sure stuck with me because we did not eat again until about 5pm? I went out and did the chores and loaded some critters for a local pet store. That took about 5 hours to accomplish all of that . We took the truck this time to get gas for it that DH syphones from the truck into his four wheeler and lawn mower and chainsaws . We stopped at a local door and window place because when they replace these items for someone that bring the used ones back to their store and anybody that sees anything they want is welcome to help yourself because that helps save them on disposal fees.

We did find 4 good glass doors , which we loaded up. Two of them were Really heavy and my back is complaining -but I am so thrilled to accomplish this that I tell it to SHUT UP! I don't want to hear it complaining! We made it home and while I was changing back into work outdoors clothes -DH- unloaded those doors by himself. I keep fussing at him to not over do because we cannot afford to get hurt , between money and needing both of us to keep our ship afloat!

He has been working so hard on setting up our outdoor woodstove because he moved it . This time he has placed this monster right in front of my critter house. He hopes it will help keep the stove warmer - so it will not have to take as much wood to keep it burning ,we hope-that is the goal anyway. I almost fell over when I mentioned that we could go to the door & window place and get these glass doors to help put more light in the building -plus - it would fill in the walls that he is trying to build around it. He Actually said he liked my idea! I declare , I almost fell over backwards because he is such a control person . :)

By the time we accomplished this I had told him I would help him move one of his tree-stands that he is using now for deer season. I took our two shelties with us and we went way back in the woods. The colors were SOOOOO beautiful - I kept kicking myself for not taking my camera! The dogs were almost the same colors as the woodland foilage. They had such a good time just enjoying nature.It SMELLED so FALL! :)

The tree stand wanted to be stubborn and it took a little fignaggering to make it behave itself.  All  this pushing and pulling and up and downing - Let's just say I hope I can get out of bed in the morning without needing a crane! :)

We did get hit again last night by the "murderer". This time it only got one pigeon -I would prefer NONE ! DH took the body and has placed it inside the live trap for tonight because we had put canned chicken in there last night and it did not touch that?????

Then I caught all of the 21 birds left and put them in a cage and carried them into the bird house . They were very unhappy in such cramped space. Many years ago DH had started me one last run for the birds -but he had never completed it . Tonight I was looking at it and went to pulling parts in there to see if I could finish the job and move the pigeons in there for the night! I could hardly believe my luck when DH took over and finished the job! He did say he hated it because we had used a bunch of junk and it looked -not as nice as the other runs in the room - but SHOOT - I can use it and that means the world to me!

The pigeons were so funny - each one was soooo disgusted as I plucked them out of the little cage and put them on perches in their own space. Fuss, O - my goodness! But , at least I hope they are all safe tonight. I am hoping what ever that is -will go in the cage tonight so we can finally see what in the world it is ??? I still say mink and he still says opposum ?????? I would just like to satisfy my curiosity!

Needless to say , after being on the move all day long I am so pooped . My body is so tired that it is just pulsing with "TIREDNESS".  I did visit a friend's blog and when she mentioned she was making the sausage pillowcases I just had to share because I made them a couple years ago for my family. I want to make some more and if you would like to see them she had pictures you can check out at:  The pictures are soooo pretty! Plus she has some recipes I would love to try!  Isn't it nice just to be able to pop in and visit with friends! :)

O, and while you are visiting -pop over to Maria's blog and check out her "quilt hanging"! My only regret was that I could not be there! :)

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend ! Thank you for letting me visit with you! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birdbrain Day

Do you remember my awesome plans of last night? Well, now we know for sure that the best laid plans - OFTEN go astray! At least with me it seems.

This morning I went out to start the morning chores , starting with the fantail pigeons and my heart fell through my feet. There had been murder in the pigeon lot - two of my beloved "feather-babies" lay slain on the floor with almost all of the meat eaten away. Times like that I just want to stick my head in the dirt -hoping that would roll back time before the deed had been done. :-(  I called DH out to see what he thought had happened. We both had different opinions -he said a opossum   and I am betting a mink , although we have been hit with both before. I believe a mink because they travel up our creek not far from the lake - and - the wire on the lot is a chain link fence and you need to be kinda small to sneak in that way.  So, I have drug the live trap out and am going to set it tonight and see what happens. If another of my babies gets murdered I will just have to load all of them up in a small cage and carry them all somewhere safe for the night. Best laid plans!

As I moved around the building - Miss Danny is following me and she is such a riot! She spreads her wings out wide and blows her chest feathers out to make her look bigger . But when she raises her wings and wobbles along chasing the other chickens or even the Dogs! She makes me think of a little old lady holding her skirts up out of the way so she will not get them dirty! The guinea has taught her that it is prefect sense to chase any chicken you can find in the yard. LOL  I ended up thinking that is not such a bad thought - if they are out of the yard - they are out of my flower bed - or what is left of my flower bed! LOL

Of course -Mr. Tommy had to have a look to see what all the excitement was about. The last two days he has learned to puff himself up to a big size and then dare you to go anywhere until you feed him! Talk about bossy ! Worse than some humans!

Of course now my furbabies decide to tag along and see what happens. I did get all the chores finished and a lot of the house things straightened and headed for the sewing room , like a race horse breaking from the box! I sorted out the pieces of the pants that I had cut out yesterday and then laid them out as they were suppose to be sewn. I had the first two pieces together and sewn about 12 inches with the serger and BROKEN needle thread! I rethread  and start once again - Broken needle thread. Well, you know that three times charm - I loaded up again and broken needle thread and just as I am about to have steam come out my ears - the phone rings. It is Alpine Sewing in Roanoke and they have my embroidery machine fixed . I was debating should I call DH (he is in the back hunting) - or - should I just wait until tomorrow? As I am pondering what to do I threaded up the needle one last time - and BROKEN NEEDLE THREAD - so I guess you already know what my decision is!

I called and asked him if he was having any luck and he said , no - but he knew I wanted something because I do not usually bother him when he is hunting. I told him about the machine and he said he would be right in. I had decided that I would take my camera -hoping to get a picture of the fall colors . Roanoke is a hour drive and as we got on our way - there was very little color - yet. They are warmer than us and I guess it just had not been cold enough yet to change the colors. :-(

They are really nice at Alpine and they always have sooooo many beautiful examples of things going on! I usually have to keep my blinders on my eyes. The good news is now my Bernina embroidery machine is now fixed and DH got home in time to do a little more hunting.  But -this is just the way it seems to go for me and my Best Laid Plans! :)  But ! I do keep trying ! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hump-day sneaks in again.

We had another beautiful day-lots of sunshine and perfect temperatures. After doing my morning chores and getting breakfast out of the way I went outside to pick another bucket of crab apples -while DH worked on the pump at the pond,it gets clogged up from "gunk".

I had gotten my bucket 3/4 full when as I looked down ,searching for those little red treasures I had let go of a little limb and it whammed me right in my right eye. O MAN - it hurt sooooo bad. It took my breath and it was all I could do to just hang onto the tree to keep me from hitting the ground. It really scared me too, because my eyes are so important to me. After a few minutes , I calmed down and wondered if I had killed my eyeball , but I did not feel any blood -just plenty of tears flooding my cheeks , so I closed that eye and searched with the good eye to find enough crab apples to finish my bucket.

I headed into the house and gathered my utinsels to work up the little crabbey apples - OR- maybe that was me that was crabby by now???? :)  I did manage to get them all worked up and in a pot and on the stove with the one eye and the tears were starting to slow down now , so I knew that was a good sign -but it sure made me think Of Mickie and the luck she has had over the last year.   : ) OF course one of my buddies always told me that I was just an accident waiting to happen.

I did manage to get the apples cooked and strained , but the final part had to wait because I had a counseling session. When you have the most wonderful counselor in the whole entire world -it is a gift that I do not take for granted . I have a very dear friend that always told me that I have a "different way of looking at things " from other people -and that is the way I feel about my counselor -she shines a light into the dark and confusing world of challenges that we all face each day.

After we left there we swung by our yougest son's house because I had fixed the crab apple jelly yesterday and had two jars not seal - so I shared it with them. They were the ones that bought me the sugar anyway - so I told him that they gave me white sugar and I brought him red sugar . He was so curious that he went to unwrapping the jar to see what I was talking about. LOL

DH asked him how the new electric furnace is working and they said great! Now, if we can all figure out how to pay the bill -since Emmett still cannot work because of his back. I wish there were ways to help young people when accidents like this happen.

By then dark was coming on so we boogied toward the house and I could not help but notice all of the beautiful Fall colors now. Mother Nature is really showing herself! When we got home I ran up and locked the chickens up and gave fresh water to the guinea pigs and fresh apples that I had picked for them. I took the cooked crab apples to  one of the pens of chicken and they loved that.

We had our supper of pinto beans and cornbread and onions and I fixed DH a chocolate cake . Trouble was that I was the one to take a piece and it gave me the indigestion. :(  I told DH that tomorrow should be a perfect day for us both as there is no running on our calandar and I hope nothing side-tracks either of us. I have high hopes of doing morning chores and feeding us and cleaning up the mess and running the vacuumn and a couple loads of clothes and HIDIING in the sewing room  -where as DH hopes to go deer hunting ? We will see how it all turns out. :)

I pray that all of my blog family is healthy and happy and that no body else sticks a "TREE" in their eye! LOL

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Meanderings :)

Have you ever just had ONE OF THOSE DAYS? I think it was because I had thought I was going to accomplish SOOOOOO much and then I found myself side-tracked?

First we got up early and went to the feed store. The folks there have Always been so sweet -all of the 30 years we have been going. They treat you like family and we always pick and laugh and have a good time. One of the young ladies came out to smoke her a cigarette and I hopped over to talk to her. She  & I both have had the broken leg and surgery road. We was sharing notes and got onto people and she said a lady had come in earlier and when she waited on her -she hollered - YOU"VE GOT SO FAT!!!!!!!!!!! You could tell it had shocked her and certainly did not bolster her moral any at all. And she is not fat - she is just fluffy like I am and I love her. That is one of the reasons that I have never enjoyed working with the public.

The day was now warming up and it was so perfect . We took a break for lunch and I ate Very slowly because I have been getting chocked here lately and I hate it. You cough and gag until your face turns blue and your eyes turn red . My DH used to have this problem all the time -from where his tract was burned in an explosion where he worked at. It used to scare me to death - and now it is my turn and he worries.

But I ate very slowly and managed to get all of my lunch down . I changed clothes and got ready to go out and felt "Sick" spreading all over me! Now, I don't like Sick - no matter what it is!  But this was a different sick - this is from the chronic fatigue  that buddies up with the fibromyalgia and I HATE them both. So, I struggled out side and found a chair and I just sat down and gave up for a while. You just cannot Whip this hateful critter and I think giving in this time , instead of fighting it -might have worked out better for me. After about a half hour sit - I started my rounds of feeding everybody . DH had unloaded the truck by himself -probably a good thing because we always fuss with each other. LOL - We have learned that we just cannot work together- you just cannot put to bosses in a team together. When we were a little younger he used to tell all his buddies ," all I have to do is brag on her and she can fix anything!" :)

I was moving about the speed of a turtle , but I finally got it all accomplished and walked up the hill to visit with DH for a few moments . He had broken a part on his new tractor (new to us) . I told him he was having my luck too. I was having some of the strangest days-trying to figure out money problems and yet searching for answers that I cannot seem to find. It really takes it out of me - but I know everybody has problems.

When I turned into the sewing room , this was what greeted me. I had forgot to put the ironing board up last night and Miss Rosie was having a heyday! She Loves the ironing board, although she has fallen off of it numerous times when she gets too carried away.  :)

But, I think Miss Rosie is soo pretty -not so sweet! But, pretty works for me because she always lifts my spirits.

I must have been tired last night because I not only left the ironing board up - I had left the bibs out on it. I was so grateful that Rosie had only knocked one off, plus as I studied each one for hairs - I could not help but think that they looked SO much better than they did last night?

As Mocha says, "Dog-gone it"! They looked almost good. See, my inspectors really do help to keep me straight. :)

I have a most - wonderful e-buddie -we like to think we are virtual sisters and here lately she had sent me a "gift box" and inside it was KNIT fabrics ! Woo woo woo woo! Just my favorite fabric in all the world! I had just washed them and decided that I needed some slacks . I had a new pattern that I wanted to try anyway and here was the perfect opportunity!

So, I carefully laid it all out and cut out the pieces . The knit is the same color as the pattern paper , so it does not show up in the picture -but this is the pattern I am using.

While I was working on cutting the project out - DH had come into the sewing room and we got to talking about the serger doing wonky things. He is one of those people that just can't stand to get anything fixed. SO I gave him a chair and showed him how the stitches were supposed to look and set him free on it. It bucked and kicked in protest -but just a short while later he had it acting like a serger should act! I sure hope it stays that way! That is one thing nice about my serger -it does not have fancy bells and whistles that I would never use , but just down to earth practicality. No electronic eye - OR - computer chips to speak french to you . Just plain honest work! :)

Now, that number one project is cut out -here is what is next on my list. Don't you just hate when you get fabric and throw it into the washer and dryer to pre-shrink it - and then it goes and marries the other fabric!
But , I am too pooped to carry on - so I am just going to call it a day and look forward to tomorrow? Tomorrow ????? See what I mean about the days getting away from me-seems like I am always looking forward to a new day and by George -that is what I get a new day and a new day OLDER!! WONDER ??? If that means Wiser?????? Nawwww- probably not because I still keep looking ??????

Love to all and many wonderful new projects! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday bibs adventure

This was another one of those perfect starts to a new week.  I did morning chores and then we ate sandwiches just to get on with what we each hoped to accomplish  today.

I went out and picked another ice cream bucket of the crab apples . When I brought them in I decided that my back was hurting and would not hold out for  long -so I carried everything in the living room in front of the tv. I found a food channel and watching them helped pass the time of handling each little crab apple. One of the stories was about a young lady and her goat herd and how she had turned it into a cheese plant. It almost made me cry because I had my goats for about 20 years and I had made cheeses also and had a dream. When your dreams die hard - it is a hurtful lesson after you have put your all into it.

It took me an hour just to snip the bottoms and pluck the stems -but finally I had finished. I ended up with 2 pints and a coffee cup full this time. Finally I got my mess cleaned up and headed to the sewing room. I sat down and worked on four more bibs. They are such good projects to practice techniques on. I was having wild thoughts of wondering if a person could have a bib business -so as I worked I tried to strive for perfection - Which - always seems to allude me.

I could not decide about the closures ???? I tried the velcro on 3 of them and then I tried a button on one???? Then I washed all of the four to remove the water soluble stabilizer that was on them,.and see how they held up? The bibs managed to do pretty good -but I also washed one of the burp cloths and the flannel tore loose from the terry cloth and I definitely was not happy about that . It seems that flannel and I are not on good working terms. Remember last Christmas when the flannel that I sewed the guys lounge pants and they tore loose right off the bat.

One thing I do not like is the closures - they do not look tidy like I would wish for. So, I study and then decide to sew the velcro on and then go back over the sides of the velcro with the serger to try to make it look better?

I was a little happier with this one and tried to console myself by saying nothing is perfect. ::::

This one I practiced with putting a button closure on it to see what I thought?

Well, they are made and they are not perfect and I did the best I knew to do and I just am not one hundred percent satisfied
with them..But, I am tired -maybe I will sleep on them and then see what I think.

So love to all !  :)