Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Blankets -Thursday

What a truly beautiful Thursday this turned out to be. The weather is beautiful -in the 60's and a beautiful breeze. Hubby spent most of his day out working on the flat tire on his tractor and I spent most of my day in the house fussing with that serger! :)I think we both made some progress.

He did come in and ask me to help him take a tire off of the tractor and put a new one on. He asked is I had on dirty clothes and I told him , No - so I went to change. He laughed and said he thought when you changed clothes and come out looking better -something was fishy.I had to laugh and him and tell him that it was the difference between clothes to wear outdoors and get dirty - versus clothes that you stay in the house and try not to get filthy! :)

Then I really got his goat after we had walked up to his shop -I had brought a pair of rubber gloves and put them on and he started laughing at me. I told him -if he did not know after 42 years -I cannot stand to get mud all over my hands. It must have worked out pretty good because it only took us about half an hour to get that one off and put the other one on.But, it is really rough changing tires at home. :)

Then I came back in and started our supper while he ran to the tractor place for some parts. I fixed veggie  pot pie and baked beans and both of us accomplished our goal -just in time to eat.Now that we are both stuffed we can work it off. LOL

I do the dishes and he heads back out to the tractor and then I head back into the sewing room.

See, I actually did accomplish my goal and I  now have two new baby blankets to show for it. :)

I was planning to move on to some bibs, but of course I can't find my pattern that I made !!!!!Well, I guess I can call it quits for tonight and go do the chores as it is getting dark on me. Then I get to tackly my most favorite job in the world [-(NOT!) !!!!! That would be tackling the monthly bills! :(

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! You gals are so GREAT!

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