Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feels like a wasted day - even though it was not.

I guess you could call it a trade off day. It started off with me helping DH lift up a wall that he plans to use to enclose the wood stove now that he almost has it inside of my building. That thing was heavy too and the rain had really helped pack the earth where son had scraped it over the weekend.

I was not feeling well , I don't know what it was ,but I got sick eating my breakfast and my stomach was mad at me all day long and all the bending and up and down just would not let it be happy. Then while he had his back turned I realized that one of my Mama Hens had hid out under a tarp and hatched 5 precious babies. There was only One cage that was empty ,but the floor was out of it.I went and gathered some supplies to fix the bottom so I could put the Mom and babies in there. Of course hubby caught me and got upset with me because he thought I was dragging him away from what he was trying to do to get the stove hooked back up. I tried to explain that I was not asking him for help-but he helped and fussed anyway. Men?

 We did get it all fixed back up and I caught the Mama and the babies -I wanted to get them caught right after they had hatched because they are very frail , but give them a couple of days and they can outrun a racehorse - So mission accomplished!

But it was not in the cards for DH to have a good day -when he went back and climbed on his tractor - one of the tires blew out -what a racket! Neither one of us knew what was going on? Then he went to get his atv and it would not start???? Things were looking so bad that I thought he was going to "pop a gasket"?/???
I asked him if I could help and that time he waved me away - and I gladly came in the house to work on my baby blankets , but I think his bad luck had rubbed off on me. I tried every set up that my serger called for -to do the rolled hem, but I just could not get it to roll!

By now it is dark and we are both exhausted and now I am getting cold . I know it is still 58 degrees, but I am chilly and so tired . All that up and down our hills just wore me plum out! Maybe tomorrow will be a fresh start! And maybe by tomorrow my stomach will not hurt so bad. ????

Love to all! :)


  1. Oh I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow and you have a more successful day.

  2. I hope your tummy feels better and tomorrow is better for you. Some days are just like that...I don't know why.

  3. Drat about the tummy, hope it's better tomorrow.
    Cute wee chickens.... no wonder you didn't get many eggs lately... lol!