Monday, September 27, 2010

Bandit is smiling at me

This is my little buddy , Bandit . He has joined me in the sewing room today as I have worked most of the day copying pictures from My Pictures folder on the computer -TO- a flash drive to make me feel safer.

I really and truly adore my pictures. It totally amazes me to be able to view an image and remember that time in my history -with all different kinds of experiences.

When I got my first computer back 10 years ago-it was a real challenge for me trying to learn how to operate one. I am still not so great - but do get to accomplish a lot of what I want it to do. There are two tv programs that I really enjoy - one is NCIS and Abbey runs their computers there and then there is Criminal Minds and Garcia wrangles her computers . Yes, I do know it is a program - but I do believe in my heart that there are others talented just like they are and I Wish I was one of them. I guess a good wish kept in your pocket gives you something to strive for . :)

But , I also learned from that first computer that even though you are thrilled to death to have this new way to manage and enjoy your hard efforts - that all it takes is the blink of an eye and your pictures are gone forever.That is a heart breaker!

I did have one funny experience during that "newbie" stage that still ponders me and tells me IF I had more knowledge ??????
My oldest kids had purchased a new home and I had given them the land to put it on. The big day came and my daughter-in-law took Pictures. They were so exciting because they brought this monster home down the highway on the wrong side of the road and then cut across some neighbors land -who did not appreciate that. We all thought the movers had ok-ed it with them???
But these pictures were so cool as they showed the guys moving it in and installing everything. Very Cool and all of a sudden - Instant Home.

As fate would have it - I finally had a run in with my computer and it crashed . My son went ahead and reformatted it -to get more use out of it. BUT !!!!! all of my pictures were gone! I almost cried.
Then one day my sister-in-law shared a picture software with me and I was attempting to learn how to use it. It had something on there about finding my pictures and low and behold it found those pictures that had been gone , but not forgotten.  That was when I knew if I only had a bigger brain -there was a way to find things on the computer.

Well, my brain has not got bigger and I have not found the rest of the pictures , but it is still a challenge to learn new things. But even though I skin my knees a lot - I keep on trying and hoping that as I challenge my brain - I am giving it a good workout -and maybe I will be one of the lucky ones that gets to hang onto it. :)

Well, it has taken the major part of the day to do all of that picture moving experience. Now I have them on the computer and Also on two flash drives also. I learned that lesson when I had moved the pictures before and then one day when I went to add more pictures to those - that flash drive FELL APART -into my hands and I lost them! Sometimes it just seems that you just cannot do anything right. :(

One wonderful piece of advice that Lynne gave me when I first started sewing was that it would be a good idea to take pictures of your projects  - to kinda make a sewing album . I took that to heart and have learned so much from studying those endeavors. Plus, now that time moves on and I have that history -it amazes me.

I hope each of us has the gift to have our lives enriched as we endeavor to share our creative experiences as we walk along beside each other. :)

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  1. Computers can be so nice, but at times when they do that, they are such a bother. It is nice to have pics of all of your work. We keep a backup of our computer...I know you must be doing that too now.