Friday, September 24, 2010


Today was quiet interesting. I got up early -about 6am and went to work on some things because DH had to go to town to get some supplies for his trip. He and his Sister, are leaving in the am to go visit with their kin folks that they have not seen in a long, long time.Their Uncle was their Mom's brother and he is the only surviving sibling in their family. I told them both that they needed to go because you never know when someone will up and leave this world.

Then we came back and packed his suitcase. It had been so long since either of us had traveled anywhere -I found it difficult to try to remember all that he would need for a week.Matter of fact it had been SO long that the last time Neither one of us had been on medicines and I had to make for sure that he took his. I could not go because I have to stay home and take care of my furbabies -Plus- I still get carsick on trips! UCK!

When it came time for him to leave to go stay overnight with his Sis - I started trying to figure out what I was going to do? For the first time I thought about just plopping down in my easy chair and not moving for several hours! :) But , I changed my mind and started attempting to clean the kitchen some. I am still afraid to climb up -don't want another broken anything! Me or the treasures.I did make a little progress and then it was time to go outdoors and do night time chores. I rattled around talking to all the critters-changing their water for fresh. I actually made a little progress out side too. I was feeling rather proud of myself and hoping I could carry on.

For some reason when I was in my twenties I could clean our mobile home in one day - that was usually Saturday -our day off. But, then when I moved into my 30's I could clean one room in one day- and I did not like that.

But today I started looking for my crochet hooks. Just because I have not used them in 10 years should not have been any problem. I know I put them somewhere Safe- but for the moment they are Safe from ME! I tore into one corner of my bedroom  and one corner was all I managed to accomplish. Talk about O, My aching back! And only one little corner was accomplished! But, still NO crochet hooks! GRRRRRR!

But I had a little better luck in the sewing room! :)

I cut two different pieces of soooo soft flannel and laid them right sides facing in toward each other. They are 35 X 42 - I am hoping that they will be used this winter in the crib to cover another precious baby. :)

YEA! I have accomplished something ! Yea!

To top that off - this cleaning - search for crochet hooks is lifting my spirits also. When you have a DH that Hates to see you cleaning - it is a challenge to get any cleaning accomplished. I think one thing that mine hates the worst is to hear the vacuum cleaner run!

One of the partners that my DD had was always cleaning. He did not like to work - but he would keep a house spotless! I wished that mine had Just a Tad of that kind of belief! Mine is one of those "Good Ole Boys" who knows that men are just not suppose to clean . He said that in the fine print on our marriage contract -that it was written in teeny tiny print that he was not suppose to Clean! It was His Job to make the messes and mine to corral them!  LOL

Well, I am going to drag my poor ole aching body to the bed. It has been a beautiful day and I am going to count my blessings instead of sheep. ( I already know how many sheep I have - LOL - 8 of them!)

Love to all - and let's see what we can all get into Tomorrow! :)

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