Saturday, September 25, 2010

What an interesting day?

Well, it seems that no matter what kind of plans you strive for - ????? - Something else comes a long.
After staying up too late last night - the phone started ringing off the hook at 6:30 this morning.  (That is what I get for staying up too late) I could hear my oldest son's voice, so I blindly stumbled toward the phone in the kitchen. Then it hit me that I was right by the phone in the sewing room - which is right beside my bedroom. So, I made a quick right hand turn - FORGETTING- that I had the ironing board up right in the center of the room - AND- I had left three totes of supplies right in the center of the room around the ironing board. I managed to reposition the ironing board - then fell upon the totes! My eyes are still asleep and my body was complaining what was I trying to do - Kill Myself! But, I finally did make it to the phone and just as I picked it up - it went dead! ??????

Of course , I tried to return his call - only to call some nice -puzzled lady ! I do not think she appreciated the morning wake up call!

But, I finally did catch up with Son and he had borrowed a piece of equipment from his boss and he was on the way to pick up our big outdoor water wood-stove and reposition it ! I told him that his Dad was out of town - so he called him and they talked about how Pops wanted it moved.

We hung up and I got dressed , just in case that Cory might show up?

Show up - he did and it was fun to watch him maneuver this little piece of equipment. When I had my goats and milked 30 goats  twice a day - I had almost prayed for one of these - so I could clean out the barn and not injure my back.

 This is where he is putting the forks of the machine under the stove getting ready to lift.

Have you ever seen a stove - take a hike??????????????????????????? Well, this one sure did. He took it where it was suppose to fit beside my critter building because DH plans to put a room over the stove and hook onto my building . He is hoping by putting it in a small room that It Might not burn So much wood. He just works himself to death trying to keep wood cut to feed that booger.

Sorry this one is fuzzy , but after much trial and error he brought it down to the house and set it in the road so he could figure out what to do. We measured it and it needed a little more space than DH had planned on. DS then attempts to remover a rock ledge where it is suppose to go because the rock was in the way. I bet he hammered with his bobcat for an hour at least.

Back and forth and round and round and some doing the "hokey-pokey" , finally accomplished his goal. One his last swipe he broke two of the teeth on that booger  and now he will have to fix that.  I really could not figure out how he could see to work with that cage all around him. I could hardly see him -much less him see all around ?? But he finally did complete his work and got it where we HOPE his Dad wanted it??? HOPE! HOPE!

It is calling for rain here and as bad as we need it - that is going to make one Monster Mudpie! Uck.

 After DS left I fixed me a pot of vegetable soup and that was my lunch and then I did some laundry. I have got to go get that off of the clothes line before I forget -OR- before the rain does show up. I would not be happy with myself if mud were to get splashed on it!

But, I did hop in the sewing room and got a second flannel blanket made for the baby. It was a neat experience because as I worked with the fabric as type of "calmness" settled over my spirit. It was a lovely experience to be able to work with something you love -AND- for somebody you love. This will make two crib blankets- maybe tomorrow I will get in some more trouble . I am just having so much fun - I can hardly contain myself. I hope Hubby and his Sister are having as much fun as I am having. :)


  1. I like the colours you have choosen for the baby blanket.It is just lovely to sit and sew whenther is no one to interupt you.

  2. You have a very handy son there mate! *smiles* Vege soup... very nice.