Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Beautiful Sunday it is!

When I woke up this morning , I could not help but notice the dark sky from my window. I told myself that I should go ahead and get up and go outdoors to do my chores before it rained. I pulled on a pair of work clothes and started out the back door -only to realize that it was already raining outdoors. It was just a steady , quiet shower.

I had left my umbrella in the car that DH had taken -so I was out of luck. But, I picked up the apple peelings that I had for my guinea pigs and journeyed on. The rain was cold on my back and I remembered to enter through the back door of the building because of ALL the Mud that DS had resurrected from moving that stove yesterday.

But I was now on the inside of the building and I was just going to pretend that it was life as usual as I fed and played with each precious animal. I started with the guinea pigs who whistled to greet me. While I handed out the apple peelings they each whistled a thank you , as they grabbed and ran with each a piece. I refreshed their bedding and fresh water and their pellets and decided that was all I could do for them. I circled by the rabbits and gave them fresh water and pellets and some apples for them also.

I stopped to greet the gerbils as I headed to the birds. The gerbils are just so funny -I love to watch their antics. My daughter-in-law got them for me this past spring when she took her Aunt to buy a german shepherd puppy..

She also gave me some dwarf hamsters and I adore them too. They are so Small and so Soft. As I put the food and fresh water in their cage I cannot help but scoop them up and insult them royally .I start feeding and changing the water on the parakeets first . Most of the ones I have are all shades of blue and whites-with the exception of 3 yellow ones. Each one is so Beautiful in my eyes. The lovebirds are beside them in their run and there are green and yellow ones in there. The yellow ones are my favorite ones. In the floor of the run that they lovebirds are in are so button quail. They are so sweet -about 6 inches tall and all different colors.They are going on two years old and from what I read their lifespan is about 2 to 3 years. Tracy(daughter-in-law) actually hatched these for me after we bought the eggs and I loaned her my incubator. It was the first time she had ever had any experience , but she certainly had great luck.

The diamond doves are in the next run and they are so cute. They are shades of pale grey and white and when the males decide to court their ladies - they act like a minature turkey by spreading their little wings and squatting up and down-but the song they make reminds me of a little freight trail with a whooo - whooo!

And last , but not least is the cockatiels . They are getting up there in years  . I gathered up the food and water for the pigeons and dart outside to the run they have outside -right beside this first building. They are all white fantails and I always get a kick of visiting with them. Just a few steps across the yard is the first small chicken house-and I take them fresh water and food and check on the babies that two of the Moms hatched this summer. Everyone is fine there and I even got an egg. LOL

I knew I did not have to go up the hill to the second smaller chicken house because they do not like to get out in the rain , so I am going to leave them in their house today. I know they have more than enough feed and water.They have 3 small windows in their house that they can look out and watch the rain also. :)

That leaves the little doves house, which is across the Muddy road . I gather up the apple peelings and fresh water and VERY carefully wind my way across the road and said little prayers as I amble across. Since I fell 6 years ago and broke my ankle bones and three bones in my right leg - I am VERY CAREFUL! :)

The male guinea pigs have moved over here and they are all squealing at me -fussing that I am just too slow. :)Their run is a little too small for the number that are in there so I let them out into the middle area between a run on each side of it. That way they can get some exercise while I clean the cage. This is the first year that I ended up with many unplanned babies which all turned out to be males and males fight when they have females to claim with them. That is why they got separated. I think I have leaned my lesson . I cannot even give them away -so I plan to just let these live their little "piggie lives" out and not breed them anymore. I am just getting older and starting to realize that I cannot do it all . There are two sets of little chickens out here and they are little Silkies -one set black and one set white. The do not have feathers but it feels like silky black hair and I just love them. They are also getting up in age,like me. :)

I happen to notice while I am out there that DH's turkey is out in the rain-so I wrestle him out of the yard back into his little house with fresh water and grain. He was really hungry -so that made it easier to con him in out of the rain. His girlfriend, Danny came following him -fussing each step. She is a young lady -only hatched this Spring- But Tommy has some age on him and it is hard for him to move around.

Now I am drenched and head to the house to get a shower. It is a cold rain and as I pass by the thermometer it says 57 degrees. A shower will feel so good. I eat oatmeal for breakfast with apples chopped up in it and toast. The toast is something new I ran across-it is called white wheat instead of brown wheat?There is some difference to it -not soft and fluffy like plain white breads -so I hope it gives me a little more fiber. :)

Then I straightened up the rooms and headed to do some laundry and as I came out of the laundry room I step into the sewing room. I can hear it calling me -and with no DH to answer to  (LOL) I am able to sink down into my chair and debate what to tackle????? As I opened a drawer to drop a book in - I noticed I had hidden 3 pair of gloves in there for his winter gift. I only had two pair fully cut out and one piece cut and got interrupted that day, so I had just dumped them in there -so DH's prying eyes would not see them ! LOL
Now is the right time to cut a second glove to have a pair. I am working my way through my "scrap" pile of leftover knits. I love trying to use up as much of the fabric as I can - so there will be very little waste. :)

As I turned to check out the fabrics -I could not help but notice that my dear furbaby, Little Bear is my shadow to inspire me. I tell her a few  sweet nothings and she sends me love in return.Animals I can relate to - human beings - sometimes , not so much?

Today she is my inspiration-helping me accomplish my goals?

So, I pull out the fabric scraps and start cutting out some more of those fabric gloves that DH enjoys using to cut our firewood and handle the logs also, as he throws the fire wood into the stove.

Here is my pile I am working from. I have found a old cassette tape and started listening to it as I work. It is called Succulent Wild Woman and she talks all about honoring ourselves and that we need to touch base with ourselves before we can share with others including our significant others.That we need to spend time by ourselves to accomplish this. I have no problem being with myself  - almost to the point of enjoying that too much sometimes, and it scares me. Our lives are always constantly changing and those who think that they are really in Control of their lives have problems with that.

I had a phone call from a dear friend of almost 40 years this morning . So, you can understand how long we have known each other and been there for each other and often times sheltered each other through the years. A dear friend that I can honestly say has put her life on the line for me and then me for her.

Since I had not talked to her in months -she asked how I was and what was I into. She had never believed in therapists because they had really harmed her Mother  -instead of helping her. I told her how wonderful my counselor is and how grateful that I am to her and that we were working on my fears. I thought my friend was going to faint on the phone~ What! I have never Known you to be afraid of anything in our lives!~She said. I told her that the things in our past had been revived due to the post tramatic stress and I was working on them.

But the longer we talked -the person that she had remembered seemed like she had never existed to me . It leaves me pondering all about my life. I am not complaining -because I now have a wonderful life and am so greatful that I am so blessed. It just seems to me that our lifes are such a mystery .

Well, you can see I have made some progress and I am pleased .To make something that I know will be enjoyed means so much to me.

Well, the weather thingy on my computer is flashing a warning about a storm so I am going to hop out of here and go do the evening chores and then get out of the rain!
Love to all and hope you have had a perfect week-end! :)


  1. Oh I so enjoyed your day. I love hearing about how others spend their time. I feel like I just spin my wheels all the time. I know what you mean about enjoying being by yourself. I think I enjoy that because I get so little time to do it. I loved hearing all about your animals. We used to have goats and chickens and even raised baby calves and bottle fed them. It is funnyhow life changes though. Now we don't have any of that. Not even a dog. But we are gone so much that we don't need any. We have rain here today and it is so cloudy and cool. I LOVE it! I have all my windows open. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. I really enjoyed hearing about all your animals and felt like I was trudging through the rain right there with made it seem so real. It would be nice to see pictures of all your animals. They sound wonderful.

    I, too, don't mind being by myself. I like the quiet time and don't even need a tv or a radio on for hours on end.

  3. I don't know how the hell you manage to keep up with all your animals AND sew! I find it hard with just two dogs, two kids and a husband! You didn't mention the goats which I presume you milk by hand too? Do you make cheese or what?
    Rain...ikkk... don't mention rain to me... it's fine here today! A...MAZING!