Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing quiet like an Old Fool! :)

This is my older embroidery machine and it is a Bernina Deco650. It is a wonderful machine , except she needs to go to machine doctor also.  But, the reason I pulled her out is that I had started to work on a set of sheets for a Christmas present. I had looked all last year for a set of sheets , but they were all so EXPENSIVE I could not swing it.

But, I am tenacious when I sink my brain into something and I continued to look this year too. So, when we took the Brother Embroidery machine to North Carolina last time - we got lucky and saw a small flea market with all kinds of treasures to behold and it was there that I found my sheets.

When I pulled them out and was studying how I wanted to decorate  them up some. I was looking at the top of the sheet and decided that I wanted a hummingbird to go across the top edge , but it would have to be smaller -so it would fit on the band. I pulled out my hoop from the Brother PE 700II and it was just WAY to big to fight with. I happened to remember my Bernina  hiding under the cutting table in a little tote to protect it.  I could remember when I put it there I thought I had killed it for sure? But, no time like the present to refresh my brain?

First it gave me a fit because of the tension - so I worked on that for a while and finally got it to agree it might want to "play" with me for a while. :)I even put in a test piece and now it was running like a champ. But ? you know how that is  - ! I worked really hard to get the project on the hoop that is a 4 x 4.

But, as soon as I put the REAL PROJECT in the hoop - it would start and then break the threads about every 20 seconds!GRRR! It was a terrible challenge.

And, I did come to realize that a California King sheet is a LOT of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

See, what I mean - A LOT of FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which meant a lot of disagreements!!!!!

But, when it came to my inspectors -they really did help to keep me from losing my mind and keep the project flowing :)

Then Miss Rosie reminded me that I am kinda sleepy - now with my battle ongoing?

But , this is a close-up of the humingbirds on the top band of the top sheet.

My next move was to fold that up and check for the pillowcases to work on next. I finally got them all separated and discovered that they have 4 pillowcases for this set! I  have never met a set with four pillowcases before???????

I sat and studied them for a few minutes and decided that I did not like the hummers that I had chosen to put on them. So, I went round and round trying to decide which way to go???  I like that one that I put on the top of the sheet, but it really needs to be done with my old machine which cuts the threads every 20 seconds and i don't know IF I am up to that battle??? Just trying to figure out how to tackle this battle and I realize how tired I am and I have out door chores to go do - before it gets dark on me. I will ponder this for a while and maybe with some rest I will find a resolution?????? :)

It was really pretty here today -in the 80's but the night temps are going down in the 50's , so I know my beloved Summer is quickly leaving me. :(

Love to one and all and may each of you have the sun shine on your path and love guide your way! :)


  1. Hummingbirds are my favorite. I have never thought of putting them on sheets. What a great idea.

  2. Wow they are gorgeous! Someone is going to get a really lovely Christmas present.

  3. I love the hummingbirds..they are so fun to watch in the wild!

  4. It was good to read your blog again. We got back from seeing our son, and both times through VA I thought of you! My computer is a total loss, so I won't be on as often for now...but sure hope that changes before long. Love your animals!!! We now have two more cats belonging to my son and his wife, who can't keep them until their house is rebuilt. Right now Mikey is on top of the refrigerator where he can watch everything away from our cat and dog. :)