Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday closes the chapter on another week

     Yesterday was another day of running that lasted all day from 6AM until 10PM . I was SO tired when we finally reached home that I thought I would surely die from exhaustion. That old saying ,"There's no place like home!"-opps- that was from the movie , The Wizard of Oz!

When I finally thumped out of bed this morning - I was SOOOOO sore that I thought I would cry. So, I went in the sewing room -which is tore all to pieces. I had sat down in front of the computer when I heard a funny noise behind me. I turned around and happened to catch Miss Rosie. That bag was the Styrofoam balls that I had got from Lynne-and Miss Rosie had just located them on HER cutting table! She would walk all the way around them searching for an opening -then she would poke her little foot inside and attempt to tear into the bag for the treasures she wanted! LOL But, so far the bag has held -but it sure did give her something to keep her busy! LOL

We did end up having to go out and I remembered my camera this time. This lovely little country store is called The Bread Basket and it is run by Mennonites ( I hope I got that right)They are all such lovely ladies of all ages in their beautiful handmade clothing and little caps. This little store has a lot of everything from every spice you could think of to fresh made pies & cakes to handmade aprons . It is always busy and smells sooo good. 

Today I got to purchase a small piece of cream cheese pound cake and yes - It is luscious! Yummy! 

 When we came out and went to the car I spotted these lovely sunflowers blooming at the side . There was also a little tent canopy set up and a family from  India had fresh food set up . 

This is a picture of the front .

The next stop on our trip was a health food store.I always enjoy visiting here. I enjoy the beautiful building and the country setting. It is in the mountains of Floyd, VA. I was searching for bar shampoo-but I was not too lucky with that today . 

My next search was for a toothpaste that does not have sodium laural sulfate in it. That is a cheap soap that causes your toothpaste to fluff up or suds or what ever you would call it ??? I was having a miserable problem  for several years where I would get those old sores on your gums and once you had one start -you knew it was going to be a miserable week! UCK! I did a lot of research and discovered that information about the sodium laural sulfate was the cause of it for a lot of people. I went on strike from store -bought toothpastes and -yep! NO MORE SORES! So, when I cannot afford the herbal toothpaste I will use baking soda until I can. :)

I also learned when I got those hateful sores that IF I would hold an ice cube on the red dot that would soon become that sore - hold it on there for about 5 minutes -the sore would be gone the next day. YEA! I HATE those things!

This is a little space in their front yard that has that little canopy surrounded with some decorative grasses and it has seating that makes you just take time to sit for a moment and appreciate Mother Nature all around.What a perfectly beautiful day - I wish it could stay this way all Winter! :)

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  1. It will be funny when Miss Rosie finally gets the bag of balls open.