Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought I was being slick this morning?

I tried really hard to be. I came into the sewing room nice and early after I had fed both of us-pulled out the pillowcases that went with the sheets I had worked on , concentrated on getting everything nice and taunt and put the hoop on the machine and off we went. She decided that she would break -OR- cut the threads about every 20 seconds. We had an ongoing war with me on the losing side. I did get one completed and was exhausted from the battle . My bobbin thread was running too low , so I filled a fresh bobbin and I knew that was going to be a problem.

I put on the second pillowcase and started it! Yep, every few seconds it would cut the threads and I would have to re-thread and hope for the best. AS IF this was not bad enough -now it decided to pull the white bobbin thread on top of the green front thread. Yep, I was losing my composure!

The last time that it cut or broke the thread when I tugged to get it out of the machine -part of it was stuck on something inside of it. I got desperate and took a screwdriver and took out the one screw that held it on -and took the front off. I could see it , so with some begging and pleading I con it loose. Rethread it and this time I put a test piece of fabric on (as IF I would not have been better off doing that to start with???? Yea, I have that Good hindsight stuff -but not very good front side stuff) I had settled back with a flashlight and it would sew a few seconds and then the bottom thread was now taking over the whole project. That was how DH found me - with my head practically in the machine -begging with it . :)

He asked if I wanted to take it to Roanoke (where I had purchased it ) I told him that I knew he was suppose to be waiting for a man to come help him with his wood stove. But he told me to get ready and on the way he called the man and told him that we would be back in about two hours.

It is almost an hours drive down and an hours drive back home. The folks here are absolutely the best. They are kind and knowledgeable and SOOOO talented! I wish I could have time to just stroll about their stove because at each type of machine they carry they have all kinds of examples of what you could do.

We did get back in plenty of time and still no message from the man , so DH called and finally got ahold of him . He said he went to get in his vehicle this morning and as he bent over -his back went out. His wife was gone and he had to crawl back up to his apartment, so he had been in bed all day.So, I was very grateful that I took DH's advice.

We got home and DH went to play with his new tractor. He is in love with this machine, he has wanted one forever. It is called a compact tractor because it is small-just a tad bigger than his atv and it came with a mowing deck -so he is attempting to mow everything in sight. I am really glad to see those ole big tall stick weeds leaving. I don't know the proper name for them-they grow about 6 feet tall and have yellow flowers at the top.

When I was a little girl I would take the stick weeds and lay one across two I had stuck in the ground and I would have the jumps like the show horses would jump. I would come flying down off the hill and jump all of them and be the best horse in the show. LOL See, when you are an only child -you learn how to entertain yourself.:)

So, it was a dream come true for me to have the horses that passed away within the last year and half. That is one reason that I miss them so badly .I had always loved horses and that has not changed one little bit. When you have something that long (almost 30 years) -they become a part of you. I can still see my beloved Appaloosa flying across the field to the top of the hill -where she would rare up -blowing through her nose at the "Boogie Man" that was chasing her! I would always stop and behold her beauty. :)

Appaloosas always held magic to me. The Native Americans  raised and bred them and when I read the story of how the white men hated them so much that they herded all the appaloosas into the corral and shot all of them dead - so they were almost wiped out , I almost cried my eyes out. I wanted to go beat the tar out of them -no matter how many years it had been.

Opps , LOL - I went out and did the evening chores and guess what I found in the front door of my "critter house"????? Well, let me show you:

 This is Tommy Turkey-my older daughter-in-law got him and gave him to DH. He has not been feeling his oats for a while , but it looked like he is in grand shape tonight. I know the reason he is a happier bird:

Here is Miss Danny -roosting on top of my swing. I gave up and took the swing off because it was getting a little too loaded with droppings.And, believe me -turkeys have some big droppings - some almost as big as "cowpiles" . !!!! LOL

She is a real booger. She was out yesterday evening and I had let the chickens out of their coop for some grass. I was still feeding and watering and then headed toward the house , while playing with the dogs. All of a sudden I heard a baby chick screaming -so I headed back to see what was the matter. That dumb Danny would pike the babies up and throw them with them screaming with every breath they had. The Mamas were trying to protect them, but it was a hard job when you have a Jolly Green Giant looming over top of you!

I finally got one Mama to head back into the lot with her baby, but Danny was right on top of them -right into the coop. It was a mess - I finally got Danny out and Mama in and I herded Danny up the hill into the weeds, while I pulled a chair up to keep an eye on the other Mama -hoping she would come on and put them to bed. Just as Mama came in sight -here came Danny charging down the hill -just about to pluck one up when she ran straight into ME!

Needless to say Everybody finally got when they belong and all the babies were accounted for! I will not let them  the babies out again until they have grown up a lot! Dumb turkey!

Time to go do dishes!
Love to all!

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