Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day?

Would you care to know how I have wasted my time today???? No! not on dishes or laundry or the floors ??? No Buddy - I have wasted my time - fighting with my serger -attempting to learn how to use a rolled edge hem on one of the baby blankets! I am here to share with you that I believe that sergers are Wonderful machines - but I believe that they are as stubborn as human beings-and that is saying something.

A few days back I had tested the waters and pulled out my manual -followered it to the letter and on a practice piece of flannel - it looked amazing.But I was dumb enough to put it back to the original position to finish up whatever I was working on then?

Talk about beginners luck! Since this was my second try at it - I guess Lady Luck did not consider me to be a beginner now and that luck just up and flew out the window. !I have tried just about every combination of adjustments on the machine , but it just does not want to play fair with me. Did you ever have one of those play-mates that you Always had to let them pick out what to play - or they refused to play?????????????Well, that is how the serger is today and I believe I am a little "miffed " at it!

I guess I could say my time has not been wasted because I now know how to take one of the stitch fingers off without having a panic attack and I have learned a lot about which is my upper looper and which is my lower looper! I now know more about what is called a rolled edge hem and what is called a narrow edge hem, so I guess we could say that I have learned something ???

So, let's just say that I have lost a couple of battles , but there is still a lot more of the war to come yet. :) I am mad at it and it is just sitting over there in the corner glaring at me . It looks so perky  and happy - But - its day will come.

Well, thank you all SOOO very much for letting me vent!

Our weather turned cooler this after noon and I got chilly. DH is working on the outdoor stove. He is putting water back in it (that takes about 3 hours) and he has started a fire already so it will be heating the water as it flows into the stove tank.

Then a very Fine mist of rain moved in and I told DH that looked like a snow cloud if we were a little further down the road in time. :) Just seeing the mist - made me feel that Winter was here .Thank goodness it is only the beginning of Fall- that is bad enough , for me. I guess I better just break over and start to pull out my long sleeves once again . :)

So, I am sending love to each of you and prayers that you each will have the strength to do battle with what -ever your monsters are, whether it be a machine -OR - a very weary brain. :)

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  1. My MONSTERS are aged 7, 8, 9 and almost 10! In my family room... I am hiding in my sewing room from them!

    Brylee is like your machine... play it MY WAY or I'm not going to play at all! She's a right little tart like that. Not very nice either when it's just her and Griffin at home.

    Oh well.. that's sister's for ya.

    Wet and miserable here today... rain is coming down horizontially in waves... ikkkk.