Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tye-Dyed shirt for Tracy

Hello Dear Friends,
     Time to work on another project??? Hummmmm? Well, my first daughter-in-law has been hinting . I made her a shirt out of this fabric last Christmas and put a little pink dragon on it . He was so cute and made you feel good just to see him. Soooo, twice she has hinted and asked IF I had any of the fabric left over????? LOL The only problem with her first shirt is now it is too small for her??? I have pondered it because it should not be??? I used the large size of tee shirt and it even fits me -so I have trouble believing that the size is the problem because I have always worn a larger size than she. ???Maybe the fabric shrank??? I always pre-wash the fabrics I use hoping to prevent that problem?? I really cannot figure out what went wrong? Sooo, I pulled the fabric out of my stash trashcan (LOL) and cut out a new size large. This time I  did add some to the waist area - hoping to overcome what-ever is wrong. Of course when I am working I have to be supervised: Miss Mocha is on duty today.

My little 3 pound bundle of joy keeps me on track and I appreciate all of her hard efforts. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! :) As I have mentioned before -picking out a design can really add up in time ! Especially since I have used most of my designs I have collected  up to this point. But , I did finally decide upon one for this project. No  wonder time seems to fly when you consider that you have to find the fabric (and in my case -be a penny - pincher) -then decide which pattern you want to make for which person??? Next find a design and hope your embroidery machine will "Play fair" with you as you strive to complete this project ! Time just flys by.

My dear Brother machine has decided to take pity on me and sew out the design without too much disagreement  and I am so grateful for that. I will have to call it quits for tonight because I need to go make DH's coffee and have it ready for him in the morning. We are going to West Va. to check on DH's sister that had that medical procedure yesterday. Also , her DH is just not up to par and it scares me because it was not too long past when he had open heart surgery and he worries that he is not back up with his energy. This stage of our lives seems so uncertain to me here lately?So, if I  happen to not be online tomorrow night - that trip will be the reason. I HATE long rides - I hope I can remember to take one of my trip pills because it is just a necessity to take this trip and see if we can be of any help to them both.  So, love to everyone and have a wonderful day - OR - night ! :)

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